Golden Pinto

Have an old Bird frame, shocks were taken off long ago and welded straight pipes were put on. I want to put shocks back on, I need a bracket to hold shocks to underside of seat. Any help on who would make these. Also what size shock should I use ? I see OldMiniBikes sells 12 inch on center shocks. Thanks



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The OldMiniBikes shocks are great. The bracket for shocks can be made from flat bar stock, Lowes, Home depot, Manards...
A vice, big hammer, & drill some holes
Chipper would you have time to make me one ? I will pay whatever you need for it. Correct specs for Pinto
I would not mind but it'll be a while , a lot of projects going on , it's just 1-1/4 wide by 3/16" flat bar , bend , drill holes , round off corners and paint !
I can wait a while for you to make one, I'm not going to paint it for another month. I will put an ad in the "wanted" section for an original just in case one comes up. Where did you get your shocks ?
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Here is a picture of the bike the day I bought it, you can see original yellow paint where fork meets frame. Shocks are gone, extra foot pegs were added. Ready to restore !