1. R

    Golden Pinto eheels

    Did a 1972 Golden Pinto come with 5 inch or 6 inch wheels ?
  2. R

    Golden Pinto Chain guard

    Looking for a chain guard for a 73 Golden Pinto
  3. G

    Golden Pinto

    Hello, I'm wanting to build a Mini bike I had back in 1972 The frame looks like the Golden Pinto. Could be a JC Penny or Sears. Need Frame only! Many Thanks!
  4. JohnnyTillotson

    Golden Flying Waffle apportunity!

    This could be your big chance to join the club! All you need is $50 and a ride to the Hudson Valley, NY area. We'll be waiting. Secret handshake info given upon proof of purchase. Shiver! 1960's Craftsman mini bike engine
  5. B

    Foremost golden pinto clutch brake.

    Hey everyone in looking for a clutch brake for my golden pinto if anyone has one they'd part with. Thanks.
  6. Toominibikes

    Golden Pinto

    I am looking for a Golden Pinto. It does not have to have an engine but it does need to be complete other then that. Thank you
  7. R

    Foremost Golden Pinto $500

    Foremost Golden Pinto Mini Bike Fresh Briggs and Stratton 5hp New tires and tubes, New Hilliard Extreme Duty Clutch New chain New seat This minibike is about as nice as they get, lots of new parts, engine and carburetor have been rebuilt. Starts and runs great! $500 CASH, Located in Madison...
  8. U

    Golden pinto ?.

    Just picked this up. Decal looks original. Hunt Wilde peg covers. Scrub brake is good. Grips :chinese: No mfg. tag, but has an L stamped in left side engine plate. It looks like original gold on the bottom then rattle canned blue, then gold again. The shocks say made in Italy . I guess I need...
  9. ludicrous speed

    golden pinto roller

    was going to restore this but im no collector,im a rider so. first $150 takes it,it comes with a 4hp tecumseh that Ran Well! but currently has no intake/carb/. ( it was rebuilt and then used on diff motor,electric starter in pic also not included.) known issues: rear fender missing,right...
  10. V

    Wtb golden pinto seat

    Looking for a golden pinto seat or sears or jc penny if there the same.
  11. derekbmn

    69' JCPenney's Golden Pinto Survivor

    I have long wanted a Golden Pinto Survivor.....To me its one of the quintessential mini bikes, a name that even "Non Mini Bike" people seems to know. Over the years, as I have told people of my "hobby" ahem errrr addiction, countless people have said the same thing to me "Oh I had a Golden Pinto...
  12. R

    Foremost Golden Pinto Redux

    Picked this frame up from a buddy for $40, Hopefully I can get it together before Symco. It's not going to be 100% original but I am going to try for a stock look. I also pick up this working home made generator with a good running 5hp Briggs for $45 Over the weekend I was able to make...
  13. R

    Golden Pinto?

    Is this a Golden Pinto? Made by Bird Engineering? Its missing the kickstand, and both fenders and I am not sure if the plate on the top tube is original...
  14. Outlaw Ace

    Golden Pinto frame and forks

    I have a Foremost Golden Pinto with the tab mount seat pivot rather than the Falcon type some had but I do not have the seat brackets for the bike, it had the center kickstand but it's gone and one bracket remains as does the spring mount if someone wanted to redo it. It is missing the rear...
  15. t-royMN

    Golden Pinto - nice! $500

    I've had it for 16 years. Time to let it go to fund my VW project. local pickup in Bloomington, MN. Cash only (PayPal works too). Painted it two years ago. Has an ooooold Briggs 4 or 5 hp engine that runs strong. Scrub brake. Thanks and text 612-598-7847 if interested/with questions.
  16. L

    Golden Pinto

    Have an old Bird frame, shocks were taken off long ago and welded straight pipes were put on. I want to put shocks back on, I need a bracket to hold shocks to underside of seat. Any help on who would make these. Also what size shock should I use ? I see OldMiniBikes sells 12 inch on center shocks. Thanks
  17. L

    golden pinto

    Hello, I'm new to this website. I bought my son a minibike from a neighbor, everything ran after cleaning carb. Has 4hp tecumseh. I think it is a Golden Pinto. Any help would be great, also looking for parts for it.
  18. GP Tag

    GP Tag

    Foremost Golden Pinto
  19. GP Assemble

    GP Assemble

  20. GP Paint

    GP Paint