Gomas Swap Meet

Think I have been to every one so far. I have also bought some good stuff in the past. I might bring some stuff to sell also

What time does it start again? And can we bring bikes to ride? Feel like I have seen bikes riding around in past years

joshua. c.

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defiantly bringing my bike in case we get a tour of the track. none of my 4 new bikes are ready to run yet but maybe i can find parts for them at the swap meet.
Where & when please. Can’t find any info on it, but heard you guys “talk” about it on this site before. Heading up to Japbike Mike’s Swap meet this weekend and will do both if possible. Thanks.
This Saturday the 18th for the swap meet @ 45 N. Carver Road, West Wareham, MA starting at 10 AM per above, but I think you can set up earlier if you are selling a bunch of stuff
just got back from this event and it was great, I saw some of my racing buddys and got to chit chat a lot and I bought a lot of stuff as usual. anyone who didn't bring there bike missed out we did get that tour of this years race track. and we saw the new woods section. i also won a very long drag race against the 6 or so other bikes that were there, keep in mind some of them weren't the riders fastest bikes but it was still fun to win! my bike is built to turn a lot of rpms so if I'm given the space to fully top it out it absolutely fly's.
It was a blast, Massacre I should have lent you mine for a ride, the new area of the track is cool. Come to the races even if you don't race.
It’s cool, Josh offered me a ride as well. Since my crash I am a little scared of that track, not gonna lie. And no one wants to crash someone else’s bike lol.
Looking forward to the event, this year my bike should be worthy, last year I muffed up the engine build and had to bow out which is embarrassing.
Learned a lot since then and built a new motor so I am feeling pretty good about this year. Would like to finish, don’t have to win