Grandkids Pinto

IMG_0890.JPG How it looked when I got it. IMG_1025.JPG How it looks now, almost a true roller. The engine is going to be a 2 horse '66 Briggs already cleaned and painted a copper color, any ideas on what color would look good on the frame?
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LMAO! Everyone likes "resale" red! Maybe because it's the most expensive color you can buy? :laugh: Hey, what color to the grand kids want it to be?
I would leave it up to the kids, but at 7 and 5, they would probably request "poopie brown" or "booger green"...
Booger Green would be just right. If it were me I would paint it a bright green like Ford Grabber Green or the Mopar bright green and tell them it was Booger Green.....

My friend Bruce that is building the second Warrior along with my build off bike pulled one on his daughter that is worth telling. She rides Equestrian event competition. Bruce got ahold of the entry form when she was about 12 and changed the horses name to "In The Nude". So all day the announcer talked about the rider riding in the nude. He said things like he had been looking for her all day but hadn't seen her yet. Everybody, including her, got a big kick out of it.

I say Booger Green is perfect.

Hey they would never forget it. A lasting memory....

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I would leave it up to the kids, but at 7 and 5, they would probably request "poopie brown" or "booger green"...
I asked mine their favorite color, then asked, should I paint your kart that color? "Yes!" There are a plethora of colors obviously. Everything goes with a bronze colored engine. I did a Flexo in B5 blue that really popped with a bronze briggs. If you lived in town, I'd give you some paint you could chose from. Speaking of which, my stash of left over paint is always part of my first color choice. After that, I move on to buying some. :laugh:

So does Doc have any paint left? LOL! Oh and...some folks are under the impression that single stage paint is "no good." Discard that notion, unless you are taking a car in to a $59.95 One Day Paint and Body shop. Single stage paints use the same binder you shoot over the top of a two stage (base coat) essentially. Slightly less UV protection, so don't leave your mini bike in the parking lot at work all day, every day for five years, don't leave it in the snow and rain in front of the garage, don't drive it after they've salted the roads for the ice, stuff like that. :wink:

Ha. I sent a guy here my remaining stash of "Envy Green" which was a base coat for the new Camero. I don't think he ever used it.
Freddy, I don't know what your interest level is, but it's enjoyable to do some experimentation for me.

A base coat of silver (Eastwood has a pretty good deal on it) and then make your own colors and hues by mixing (for example) dry pearls, available in a wide variety of special effects and colors and shoot that over the base silver, followed by candy, (below) or a just a clear coat.

To this, or independent of this, you can use "candy concentrates" and tint your clear and shoot it over the base and come up with a truly individual paint job.

With actual flakes and/or pearls, you want to limit the size to your gun. I've found the replacement tips for paint guns are about the same cost of a new gun. Just tossing this out there, if you (or anyone else) would like to experiment. For the most part, it's pretty easy to do, but tedious enough to feel good about creating.

That little engine looks beautiful!
Thanks Dave. The boys are kinda timid about this adventure in the first place, it will take some coaxing to get them on a mini bike. I should probably just paint it a straight color for touch up purposes because they will probably crash into every stationary object on my property.