Great show

Rain on Friday and still about a dozen vendors. Saturday was fantastic! Sold more than I normally do and bought an original paint/engine/tires ‘69 Roma Nova. Before I left I was educated about my new bike by a man who knows more than a little, about them. Huge thank you, Larry! He even had reproduction foil decals for the clutch cover, although the damaged original one will remain where it has for the last 55 years. Thanks, Don, for the great event every year.
I’ve been to all 7 and am grateful that you put in the work so that we can all play. -Thom


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Enjoyed the event. Picked up a few bits and yakked a bit with some nice folks and learned a bit more about this crazy addiction. It was also great for my wife to see all the other silly old coots who haven't outgrown this madness. We both enjoyed the event and look forward to next time...


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Had a blast on Saturday it was great the rain held off for the day.

Definitely nice to put a face too the names on here and chat with the few I did recognize.

Ultimately we had a blast just riding around the grounds.
All our bikes ran good, even the rusted out slapped together hacked up bonanza, nothing but smiles and compliments on it.