H50 mini bike linkage question

Just got this lighted h50 with the mini bike throttle setup but it's missing the linkage rods. Where can I find these and which ones do I need. Thanks. IMG_2628.JPG
A little help...

Hmm, not sure. Here are some pics--not great ones. There is one rod that travels from the throttle control to the governor (low side) and one from governor to carb (high side). There is a spring on the throttle, too. These are impossible to find. Joe51 has made these assemblies and might have extra rods.


Think his name is Brendan and I've talked to him on the phone a few times in the past when I was building my bandit and never had a problem


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if you have a hobby store close that deals with rc planes they should carry small steel rods and Z bend pliers..I made my own rods for a few engines..I also made my own return spring that goes around the one arm.. For the long rod that goes side to side I used an old metal coat hanger since they are thicker and fit the holes in the arms tighter..