1. E

    Doodlebug 97cc throttle linkage.

    I have this , 97cc that originally came off my Doodlebug. Recently I decided to fix it up and slap it in another frame. I got it all cleaned up and back together today and I want to make sure my throttle linkage is correct. The spring from the throttle arm to the governor arm is always...
  2. markus

    addition to: Advice for hooking up your Tecumseh Carb / Throttle Linkage on Small H

    just an addition to already posted "sticky" thread on throttle hookup for the small frame sized 2.5-5hp sized mini bike engines: Its not noted in the thread and I have seen it in the...
  3. Oldschoolcool

    Which hole on HS50 carb for govener linkage?

    Which of the 3 small holes on the carborater throttle should the govenor linkage be connected to? Thanks!
  4. drenchedgremlin

    Tecumseh mini bike linkage assembly hookup?

    I am hooking up a new linkage kit for my tecumseh h35. I am confused by the spot where the cable tip connects. I have circled the part in the picture, that im referring to. A few bolts and nuts camew with the assembly but not sure what they are for, if i try to use them to lock the cable down...
  5. electra_boogaloo

    Throttle Linkage

    i've been looking at this kit on OldMiniBikes and i can't find any diy's or instructions on how it installs. i'm using one of these styles...
  6. slywilliez

    WANTED Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage.

    Need for the bike build off, Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage. Let me know what you have. I have the correct cover, just need the linkage but would be interested in a complete setup also. Thanks
  7. S

    briggs 5hp governor linkage removal inside the case

    I have a old school 5 hp with the linkage arm rod going into the block do i need to remove the side case and remove the nylon gear off the cam and plug the hole or just leave it in with the outside arm off?.and run it....thanks
  8. T

    Carb / throttle linkage issue, could use some guidance!

    So I got the CnC Bored Box Stock Carb from OldMiniBikes along with a filter kit and a few other items for my non-hemi Predator 212. After mounting the new carb, I noticed the throttle rod, while in a 'resting' position, is pulling the carb wide open: Then I realized the original stock...

    HM80 throttle linkage issues

    Can someone confirm if this is correct on my SB. The throttle doesn't want to close if the move the lever that the cable pulls at all. If you move the lever far enough to close the carb the spring on the arm is totally free and not returning the arm any longer. In the pic you can see that the...
  10. FOMOGO

    Carb linkage

    Can someone confirm my thoughts on this before I go through the R&R again...... I think I have the linkage is in the wrong hole. It doesn't have a good - full return. I think it should be in the hole closer to the intake flange.
  11. E

    Throttle not working, missing linkage?

    I just bought a Baja Heat for my 13 year old son yesterday (although I admit I'm sure I'll be enjoying it too :) but here's a video with what I'm working with here since I don't know the names of the things involved...I'm assuming I'm missing some kind of part or linkage? Any help would be...
  12. B

    H50 mini bike linkage question

    Just got this lighted h50 with the mini bike throttle setup but it's missing the linkage rods. Where can I find these and which ones do I need. Thanks.
  13. Davis

    Hemi predator throttle linkage

    Does anyone know of a source for a nice plug and play throttle linkage for a hemi predator with the governor removed I've seen a few but they all say does not fit the hemi.
  14. OND

    HS 40 Carb to Govenor Linkage Rod Number

    Just like the title says, I need the Tec part number for the linkage rod that goes from the governor to the carb on a HS 40 engine. I think it might be 32698 , can anyone confirm that # for me ?
  15. L

    Help Identifying mini bike engine so I can purchase throttle linkage.

    Pretty sure it's a Rupp, or Sears bike, bought it to restore for grand kids, need engine parts, and there is no numbers stamped in the starter housing, if someone could help, it would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure it is a Tecumseh, I need an air filter and throttle linkage and springs, not...
  16. B

    Help with Carb linkage for 1970 Boonie Bike

    Can anybody help me with the carb linkage for my 1970 boonie bike? I took apart the carb to put new baskets on it and am having trouble getting the linkage working properly. The carb is for a 5 hp Briggs and Straton. Any photos of your setup would help. Any advice is appreciated.
  17. creia

    Tecumseh HM80 8 HP throttle/governor linkage - need photos please

    We have an HM80 that has had some monkey business on the throttle/governor linkage from the previous owner. We want to get it back to the OEM setup. I could sure use some good photos that show the proper/original connection and location of the linkages, springs, etc. Sixpac440 (Kevin) was kind...
  18. J

    predator parts for linkage

    i wound up with a predator 212 without anything atop the carb butterfly... are there any replacement parts other than stock that can be used easily with cable kits.
  19. 125ccCrazy

    Need some help on setting up a BB Tec throttle linkage

    I'm putting some factory style minibike carb linkage on some engines I'm building and I'm having some issues with the linkage rod between the carb and the governor arm, the big [ shaped arm... the issue is the throttle arm, none of the holes are positioned where I can get a pull from the...
  20. B

    Throttle, cable and linkage question

    Hi I can't seem to hook up my throttle cable to the carb. linkage and i cut some of the cable and now it frayed. I would like to know what I do with my throttle cable in order to to hook up to my carb. linkage. I don't know where the throttle cable goes.