Help identify trike please.

I just got this trike frame from a buddy that has had it in his barn for many years. He knows nothing about what it is. I am hoping to restore this, but have not had much luck finding information on it. I am new to trikes and would appreciate any help with information, specs, etc.
Thank You IMG_1442.JPG IMG_1441.JPG IMG_1440.JPG
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Hey..thanks for the info.
Any suggestions on finding specs, parts, etc.
I did some searching but it is very hard to find out any info on this trike.


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Mostly, specs are not available. most did not have much as to ID, so model identification is best guess. That model could have had anywhere from 5 to 23hp. A mix of 2 & 4 cycles. Brake are fair at best. Take a pic of the differential, it most likely has a peerless but some larger ones had a holton.

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