Help Installing tecumseh 5hp on DB30

My son and I have a DB30 with a 97cc engine on it. I have this motor and wanted to know what all is needed to install it on the DB30. Also I am unsure how to hook up the throttle, what is needed to hook up the throttle? The 5hp engine does not have a governor on it. Is this a good motor for the DB30?

Or would it be easier to just go buy a HF Predator 6.5 ?

Thanks and yes I am a noob when it comes to mini bikes



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It will be MUCH easier to install the HF Predator, as your throttle cable will hook right up to the engine, with no additional parts needed. You WILL have some challenges, however, installing the new engine on your engine mounting plate, as you have to drill new ones and make sure that the chain/sprockets are perfectly aligned. The good news is that Youtube is your friend! Do search on Youtube by using the search words "Installing a Predator on a Doodlebug" There are lots of videos where you can learn.
Plus, you will have a BRAND NEW 6.5 HP engine with lots of torque for $ 100.00. We have had 2 of the HF engines and they both performed and held up very well.


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Ill take that Techumpseh off your hands if it wont work for you...

I had two DB30s with Predator 6.5s....theyre a lot of fun and easy to set up!

I got the engine from my neighbor for free. What is the engine exactly? The part number is H50 65403V (B) DOM 4299R. it is 100% complete except it doesnt have the gov or the throttle linkage on the blower housing. My neighbor may still have it. It purrs like a kitten and runs smooth. Is this a good motor for a bike? What is something like this worth?

Its like the one in this post, except that one is brand new

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I don't think that there is adequate clearance in a DB30 for that engine with the fuel tank as mounted. It looks like it will be too tall.
The H50, medium-frame engine is pretty wide. An HS would be a lot lighter and easier.
I love the Tec engines, and a vintage bike seems "right" with a flattie, but selling the H50 to put toward a Pred is the way I'd go, and did on a friend's DB. Riotously fun to ride and even pulled my substantial mass around pretty well.