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  2. M

    Help Installing tecumseh 5hp on DB30

    My son and I have a DB30 with a 97cc engine on it. I have this motor and wanted to know what all is needed to install it on the DB30. Also I am unsure how to hook up the throttle, what is needed to hook up the throttle? The 5hp engine does not have a governor on it. Is this a good motor for the...
  3. A

    Coleman CT200U 5/8" shaft TAV install

    Just completed a Chinese TAV install on a Coleman CT200U with a 5/8" crankshaft. Some say it can't be done, but I did it.
  4. Aircooled

    Hydraulic brake install on Motovox MBX bike

    I have a general question in regard to mounting a hydraulic caliper. Does it usually entail modifying the caliper mounting tab? It appears that whichever caliper I use, larger Motovox or small DB type the tab either has to be ground down and redrilled, or perhaps weld a new tab on the frame...
  5. DeadPixel

    Champion rockers install on UT2 head?

    Ordered the champion shaft rockers today. Are they a full bolt on or do I need to machine the head at all? There going on a UT2 160 head. Am wondering if the rocker stud boss needs machined down at all or machined flat.
  6. H

    coleman ct200u torque converter install

    i bought my son a coleman ct200u for xmas and at the same time i ordered a torque converter from ebay well when i went to go and install the TC i found that the hisun engine on the coleman had a 5/8 crankshaft and the TC was a 3/4 shaft and then i found out that no one makes a TC for 5/8 shaft...
  7. maknwar

    Help with arc top plate install

    Just got this kit: DJ-1014 ARC Box Stock Parts Kit - ARC Racing It's for a predator 69730, and ordered the 1144 part. Can't figure out how to install. The front bolt isn't long enough and the linkage interferes with the top plate.
  8. BWL

    Stage 2/3 Mud Motor Build | Catch Can Install
  9. george3

    Bird aluminium brake spring install

    Does any one have a pic or two of the bird brake spring that stabilizes the shoe? I have one but it might be bent up and cant figure out its proper install to function properly.
  10. Sixpac440

    LED Brake/Running Light with Turn signals and Handelbar Controller Install, PIC HEAVY

    Studz Hardware Studz Powersports & Hardware is located in Dearborn Heights, MI. Shop our large online inventory. was selling this Kit for $50, I bought 2, it was $116 delivered. It came with the handlebar controller, light bar and a flasher relay. The light bar has a tape backing to stick it...
  11. B

    Rupp bandit chain guard install????

    Hello again. Lol trying to figure out how to mount the chain guard on my bandit and theres not to many pics online of the bandit. To me it looks like it bolts on with the bracket on the outside? Seems weird that the bracket would be on the outside of this really nice guard? Does anyone know...
  12. C

    H50/Torque Converter Install

    Curious question regarding the installation of a torque converter (GTC in particular) on a H50, 1" pto shaft. A have a model 30 converter going on a H50. Has anyone used this combination?
  13. T

    Tav2 install help.....chain and sprocket alignment

    So I am test fitting everything, installed drive and driven nice to realize the rear sprocket and jackshaft sprocket don't line up. Now if I space out the jackshaft sprocket to match the rear wheel sprocket,then the driven pulley moves forward, then the drive pulley has to move forward which...
  14. D

    Tecumseh HS50 magneto-points install

    I know this topic has been covered before and I have read other posts, but what I have not been able to find either in the manual or online is if there is a initial position to install the magneto ? the reason I ask is I installed the mag with the bolts that hold it down in the middle of there...
  15. P

    Billet rod install

    Can someone give me directions on how to install the billet rod? I can find videos on everything I need but the rod. I have found one video where a guy uses plastic gauge string and measures the "oil clearance". Is that necessary or can I just bolt it right in?
  16. mlanzoni

    Briggs parts and install info please ???

    Hello all, I started looking at an old Briggs engine I have, which has no spark. I tried to find a diagram and parts list, and any information. I came up blank. The number stamped on the engine is 170402 0515-01 7001221. Does anyone know anything about this engine or where can I get some...
  17. D

    arc billet rod and flywheel install questions

    Hey guys this is my first build it's a Doodlebug with predator engine six and a half horse but when I was taking the cam out I notice that the lifters had came out as well but I didn't see you which one was which? Does it matter which lifters go where? And also before I got the billet rod and...
  18. CJdoodlebug90

    Car leaks after jet install!!!!!

    I was running .028 size jet and noticed i had bad throttle reaponse. So I ins5alled a .032 jet....runs perfect but now carb leaks. It seems like its coming from the top of the bowl. I made sure I put rubber seal back in... I need help. Upgrades: dyno cam. 18lbs springs. Header. Air filter(no...
  19. Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures

    Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures

    Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures
  20. Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures

    Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures

    Hiliard Extreme Duty Clutch Install Pictures