help lost carb screw today


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idle mixture screw on the side or carb fell out??i was ridding and when i stopped it stalled. it didn't re start i saw the screw missing. it is a oHH65
71712d 03099cd0143 i lookes at parts tree and the carb in picture has no screw. how do i know what carb i have to buy a screw? do i need a spring? i cant find a pic of my carb and the screw is gone to check for pieces. i got this engine used from a kart parts site. he has thousands . but mine is shi%t. nothing but trouble from day 1 . oil came out of carb and soiled my filter??????? i need a help please.
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:lol: You can vent that rubber tube from the motor out onto the ground that is dumping oil into your filter. You just have to plug the hole up where the hose went into the carb area so it doesn't suck in dirt..

Yeah those carbs are nothing but trouble.. It might be a lot easier to just get us a pic of your carb. If it's the correct carb for the motor theres a good chance there is no spring because the carb just uses a one speed jet that screws into the crab tight.. If it is running an older carb with fully adjustable settings it would have a spring.. But either way, just finding that screw for your carb should not be hard.. a LOT of them get replaced with better carbs and people have them laying around.


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Go to "Race City Race Parts" on line. I ordered my replacment carb screws from them and had them in 3 days. Tip: Dont be cheap and order extras just in case, they're only two bucks a pop and come with the spring.
Tecumseh carb kit #31840 has the needle and oring you need. The spring/washer holds the oring tight for a good seal. Try a mower shop for parts, too.