1. L

    Nibbi PE 24 on upgraded predator 212 hemi.

    Hi, I have a Predator 212 Hemi and just finished my build with Billet flywheel Billet Rod 22lb springs Hot 265 Cam I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting the carb tuned and jetted correctly, I'm at around 650 ft elevation. If anyone has a similar build or has any helpful info I would...
  2. Saint Mason


    Hello, My name is mason and i recently purchased a coleman bt200x mini bike I purchased a mikuni (chikuni) 22mm carburator kit with filter for it and i cant seem to get it tuned correctly...... i have not touched the needle nor have i replaced any jets. I am currently using the stock jets in...
  3. markus

    addition to: Advice for hooking up your Tecumseh Carb / Throttle Linkage on Small H

    just an addition to already posted "sticky" thread on throttle hookup for the small frame sized 2.5-5hp sized mini bike engines: Its not noted in the thread and I have seen it in the...
  4. J

    71-72 Rupp style carb

    Hello, Seeking a few pics of survivor 71-72 Rupp carb's. Left and right side. I just recv'd a couple but would like a few more from other members to see if they had differences from the factory. Help would be appreciated. Regards, Joe51
  5. S

    Animal carb spacer?

    Does anyone know if the Briggs animal carb spacer /intake manifold will bolt up to a subaru ex21? Or could someone with an animal please give me the measurements center to center of the bolt/stud spacing on the head? Thanks
  6. Cornishrooster

    Mikuni carb vm22 with jets.

    Mikuni vm22 carb with 3 main jets 120,105 and 95 and 3 pilots 15, 17.5 and I can't make out the other. $60 shipped I'll take some pics when I get home.
  7. Cornishrooster

    Need help with predator and inverted intake w 22 mikuni carb.

    Hi erbody need some help here. When I fire up the engine it starts at half throttle, I can give it gas without it dying but can't get the throttle to go down. Maybe I need to put smaller jets in it, the mikuni has the stock jets in at the moment, 100 and 15 pilot I was lead to believe that with...
  8. DeadPixel

    84 Honda ATC 200 carb for 196 clone?

    Has any one tried using a carb from a 3 or 4 wheeler? My brother has a few ATC200 motors and noticed the carbs are mikuni's. I know these motors make around 9-10 HP so thought it should be around the right size for our motors. The carbs are cheep at around $20-$30 and I might be able to pick a...
  9. Mrknobblies

    Noob Carb cleaning and building

    Hi everyone im extremely new to the world of mini bikes as Well as to mechanics but I wanted to better my skill set and learn more about mechanics and how everything works and figured building up a mini would be a challenging and rewarding learning experience. I purchased a used mini Baja (not...
  10. smudvapor

    Carb question

    Hey guys I have a Tecumseh that only runs with the choke on. I pulled the carb and cleaned it really good but it hasn't changed. I tried running it that way but it loads up and dies. What am I doing wrong? Is there a trick to this that I need to know?
  11. Pasta

    5HP Briggs pops through carb

    Hi guys & gals. I've been away for a while but got back into my mini bike again recently. I have a little trouble hopefully someone can help me with. When I pull a hill, or throttle hard from idle, the engine pops through the carb. If I let off the throttle and ease into it, it will run...
  12. Oldschoolcool

    Which hole on HS50 carb for govener linkage?

    Which of the 3 small holes on the carborater throttle should the govenor linkage be connected to? Thanks!
  13. J

    Rupp carb

    Hello, for sale is a Rupp carb. Choke arm is tight. Been in storage for 10 years or so. Rebuild is suggested. 72.00 shipped to your address. Postal money order only. Any questions?? Regards, Joe51
  14. 100_06131


    Rupp carb
  15. Oldschoolcool

    HS50 new carb issue no start

    I bought a new carb off ebay for my HS50 build. It doesn't seem to be getting gas to the spark plug as the plug is bone dry when I pull it. The plug has spark and will pop the engine over if I give it a shot of starter fluid. I began with backing out the carb adjustment screws one full turn from...
  16. cpu77

    Murray Mini Bike Replacement Carb

    I have a Murray mini bike which I would like to replace the carb on. It has the factory 3.5 Tecumseh Motor. Can anyone give me the part number of the carburetor I cannot find any info on the actual motor. I want to get it running before I sell it.
  17. electra_boogaloo

    carb options for engine with govenor

    baja warrior, predator 212 hemi, tav2 clone. bike is a trail bike so i won't be making speed runs. i've already hit 40mph and that's fine. planning on leaving the govenor in tact. i want to have an open exhaust and a high flow air filter. i know i will at least need to jet my carb, but should...
  18. O

    Tecumseh Carburetors Lot

    Tecumseh Carburetors Lot. *SOLD*
  19. danford1

    OHV engine carb adapter/restrictor

    I bought an OHV Briggs today. It was sitting for a couple years after it was removed from a tiller. The seller claimed it ran perfect. I took the carb off to clean it before I tried starting it and noticed it had a plastic adapter/restrictor between the carb and engine. The carb clearly has a...
  20. drenchedgremlin

    What would cause this symptom, & what is a fuel line connector carb piece called?

    So I have been working on my bonanza with a 3.5hp tecumseh. I rebuilt most of the carb and gave it a good cleaning. It runs pretty good, But sometimes when i full throttle it has split seconds of hesitation. Like seconds where it loses power. during those times it can sometimes make a...