Acquired a little Rupp mini bike and was looking for help to identify the year make and model of it found a tag under seat but can’t find anything in it and was curious on a value IMG_1569.png IMG_1583.png
If it was a Rupp, the 1971's have a frame color same as gas tank and fenders. 1972 had a black frame. Not sure if it is the same as a swinger. Doesn't really matter as they are exact same bikes.
Look at the link I posted above.
Scroll down to the section on 1971 serial number tags and how to read them.
I can copy and past the exact words if you want me to.
It sure looks like it says you have a 1971 Rupp Swinger Trail, probably sold by JC Penny.
It has a Rupp tag under the seat
Trust me you’ll loose this debate….long story but in short made by same company….but don’t associate with RUPP guys they will demean you for it….do not advertise as a rupp even if a RUPP guy from Virginia sold it to you as a roadster….you have a swinger….its like marrying your cousin….those that don’t know you will welcome you those that kkow better will shy away….