Here I am in the land of giants

You would have to take the seat apart and patch the tear from the inside. You will still see it but at least it won't spread. Looks like a piece of foam is missing also, you will have to fill that in.

You can paint the vinyl with vinyl paint (limited colors) but it won't hold up very well if you ride the bike often.
Easy, I'm not on here every second of every day. That message was at 10:00 today, not last week. lol
In all fairness, you had posted repeatedly that day but not to my PM. I honestly thought
you weren't going to reply, and my response was neither hard or easy; it just casually
denoted that I was taking the next step in figuring out what the seat needed without
your input. Have a good day everyone.
You know, I realized it was presumptuous to think you'd see my question here, that's why
I posted the PM. That should have given you the clue that I was asking you a question.
Anyway, I must have applied the vinyl paint too heavily, that sucker is just now drying
completely, but it looks good! Changed the looks to the better, shazam!
Put me some real Harley foot pegs on today.
Also because of limited space I must go with the Comet steel mounting jig
instead of the aluminum plate. I can see it's exactly what is called for.
Ciphering gear ratios, 1-7.6, 1-6.9, 1-6.3,
It's ironic to me that Comet says 3100 max engagement then sells springs
and weights for up to 5300 rpm.. Does anyone have any
info on 4000+rpm engage on their TC?

IMG_20190118_151015239.jpg IMG_20190118_161122457.jpg IMG_20190118_161107908.jpg

Quality in spades from Comet. Steel wool cleaned it so well I won't paint it now. The jackshaft in this location is much different and better than the aluminum plate placement.

P1090466 (2).JPG

Mr. Rex Robertson and I are going back and forth on header design.
Rex's work back from the ceramic coater; it would like to be outside in some warm sunshine making noise. I'm adding 45*grooves on the bottom flipper washers for more tuning. Rex didn't charge a penny extra for a number of significant mods
on this thing, that was 'above and beyond' in my book, Thank-you, Rex, nice work brother!