Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

Got me a 1986 mostly corroded Honda trx70 atv for 15 bucks out the local scrap recycler.
Wonder if any one have ever converted one of this to a trike from a 4 wheeler.
The front lower frame is just gone from rust. So are the wheels. I am going to give the engine a once over and see if I get it to start.



Frankly I'd leave it on 4 wheels. I grew up racing old honda atc 3 wheelers and do love them. Back then we all grabbed the 3 wheelers because they were lighter.

Honda did make that bike in a 3 wheel version. Since at that time the 4 and 3 shared about 90% of the same parts I can't see it being hard to convert. Back in those days (at least around here) you never seen the 4 wheeled ones. I would check on how rare it is before you chop it up. You might be able to find a 3 wheel frame to convert it.
if you can repair it, keep it a 4 wheeler. I am a three wheeler nut, but I have 2 of these TRX 70s because they are rare! they made a lot of three wheelers but the quad 70s were only made for a couple years

NOW... if the front of the frame is rusted out and the front axle is no longer safe, then no one would fault you for putting front suspension from another mini quad. try to save your front plastics if you can. the rear axle setup is very much a part of the frame so donr worry about trying to suspend the rear, just make sure you get your seat cushion nice and thick


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back in the day I had a Honda 3 wheeler the Honda 250R
what a death trap they were if you made a mistake. if I had it today I would convert it to a 2 wheeler