1. A

    1972 conversion to electric

    Thank you to all of your comments to my first post on this forum trying to ID my "barn" find - 1972 Speedway Blue Angel. A little background on me to mitigate the boo's I'm sure I'll receive posting converting this thing to Electric. I've been big into motorcycle and cars for 30 years...
  2. MiniBixe


    Hello, Anybody ever made a mini snowmobile or minibike track conversion? I would like to design one this year, making a track out of a used tire... Any responses welcome!
  3. M

    Heald super Trike Conversion

    Hello guys, i recently restored an old Heald Super Trike ( will put up Pics soon) and after i was done i learned some models have forward and reverse which mine does not have but i do have the F/R gearbox from another Heald Frame. i am curious if it is possible to put this gearbox on my trike...
  4. jaimenv

    Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

    Got me a 1986 mostly corroded Honda trx70 atv for 15 bucks out the local scrap recycler. Wonder if any one have ever converted one of this to a trike from a 4 wheeler. The front lower frame is just gone from rust. So are the wheels. I am going to give the engine a once over and see if I get...
  5. D

    Western Flyer SS330 engine conversion

    I am trying to put together a minibike for my (3) kids. I ran into a problem.......the Preditor engine is about 3" off on the spockets....I understand why....but now what ? I have a notion to try and build a jack shaft I had hoped to avoid this.
  6. Daniel Coop

    Briggs Raptor alcohol to gas conversion question

    Hey y'all, I just scooped up a Dover Power Briggs and Stratton Raptor alcohol race engine on eBay and was planning on converting it back to gasoline. I was told that it's just a matter of jets but I figured I would ask. Plan on putting this in either my Easyrider or Sensation
  7. P

    1947 JAWA CZ 125 Conversion ....

    thought i would share progress of most recent project .......i found this crusty old girl a couple months ago chained to a tree at an antique shop on the east end of long island ! the dealer thought somebody would use it as "WALL ART", and i said HELL NO !, i'm gonna RIDE that thing ...
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Has anyone here done a Big Block Honda/Clone conversion on a TS50?

    I got one of the 420cc Clones that I'm contemplating putting on a TS50 project I have, the original plan was a mild built Tec H70 I have almost ready to go but now considering a BB...just curious if anyone has done this conversion and if they used the stock jackshaft mount with a 40 series...
  9. A

    baja doodle bug conversion project

    does any one know where to get a conversion kit to a 6.5hp engine for a doodle bug?:scooter:
  10. D

    Tecumseh hsk50 snowblower conversion Arctic Cat

    Good morning everyone, I came across a deal on an older MTD snowblower with a 5 hp Tech and a lighting coil that I just couldn't pass up. I bought it for the electric starter and tires to put on my snowblower and I was hoping I could use the engine on our old 1971 Arctic Cat Climber...
  11. B

    Honda 3 Wheeler/Fat Cat Conversion

    Just finished this ATC 200 Fat Cat Conversion.
  12. Chubby

    New member...atc conversion mini bike.

    Hi folks, I'm new to this forum. I'm close to completing a project I've been wanting to do for many years. It's converting an atc to a two wheel mini bike. It's a great challenge and a learning curve. My biggest challenge now is fine tuning the gear ratio using a jack shaft. Ground zero was...
  13. G

    Original Doodle bug harbor freight 6.5hp engine conversion kit.

    Anyone still selling the doodle bug conversion kit to put a harbor freight 6.5hp in a doodle bug? (I have the one with the metal fenders) I can get the engine locally at harbor freight. I just need everything else. At one time you could buy a kit on here of everything needed, minus the engine...
  14. lostinbaja

    HM80 Tapered Crankshaft Conversion?

    I have no less than 3 beautiful running complete HM80 Tec's sitting in my garage. The problem is that all 3 have tapered crankshafts. Is there anyone that machines the taper and sleeves the crank to make it a straight PTO end?
  15. J

    Murray Track 2 Predator conversion

    Completed our Murray Track2 Predator 212 conversion. Thought I'd post up a link to a short video I took so folks could hear and see it run. This conversion was pretty straightforward and turned this minibike into and absolute torque monster. Getting thrown off this thing is not fun. If you do...
  16. MB165

    a neat online distance, measurment conversion site

    Have yall seen this site yet? Does it all metric to inch or vice versa, type in your number and it converts it to every other dimension there choosing what to convert it to.... Distance and Length Conversion (Online Units Converter)
  17. CJdoodlebug90

    !!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!3hp briggs vertical shaft converted into horizontal

    I converted a vertical 3h briggs to a horizontal shaft(my first time), someone told me the I needed to plug a oil drain back plug inside the engine. I looked for it but couldnt seem to find it. CAN SOMEONE SHOW ME A PIC OF WHERE IT IS AT OR DESCRIBE LOCATION.
  18. D

    Predator conversion

    I think I'm done! I think. Maybe. Ok, maybe motovox front forks await ... But for now I'm done. Mechanically she runs like a top. Looks EXACTLY how I wanted her to. One last step remains ... Paint. Buuuut alas, here is my conversion: - predator swap - PMR mount plate - PMR clutch...
  19. T

    Murray Track 2 Brake Conversion

    Hey guys so I'm still pretty new to the whole mini bike scene. I picked up my track 2 off the side of the road downtown for $50. It was in great shape and ran decent. Well after about a year or 2 now of riding the bike mostly just at nascar events the old 3.5 tecumseh was seeing better days...
  20. Rapidrob

    Honda GC160 throttle conversion help

    I'm converting a Honda GC160 engine from constant speed to "hand throttle" I'm using the Honda part 16500-ZL0800 plate. I think I have it on the engine correctly. If I do,the hand lever would need a rod to go across the engine to the governor / carburetor throttle lever.( the really long lever...