hooking governor back up on 5hp with tecumseh carburetor. ..

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to hook the governor back up on a 1969 B&S 5HP engine with tecumseh carburetor. The governor arm is there, but I can't figure out how to hook it up. A link to pictures on how this is done would be great.

Thanks for your time and help, Lyle
I don't know of any one using the govoner after putting a tec carb on a briggs. Just hook straight to the throttle on the carb.
I agree- the Briggs air vane deal uses completely different linkage and very light springs on rods all made to fit Briggs components. Although something could be rigged up with enough trial and error, you'd need a tachometer to verify, and several lengths of spring and rods during the lengthy testing process. :)

I run Briggs flatheads with no governor, and have no problems. Common sense prevails. Flexo produced their minis with Briggs FH (small frame bike) with no governors and still warrantee'd the engine, as long as the chain was hooked up (if) it threw a rod. (knock on wood, because I still ride this thing)
I have a tec carbed briggs 5hp with the governor linkage hooked up.
It is easier to do with a 5hp industrial plus linkage setup,
though it doesn't bolt up to older engine blocks because there is a mounting hole missing.

You can use the regular linkage but you will need to fabricate a custom bracket & pivot arm.
You need to make sure the linkage moves freely or the idle/RPMs become erratic. lol

I tried to govern a Tilly performance carb, but the venturi was too large.
This cause the governor to hunt at idle and the motor sounded like it had
an RPM limiter at full throttle because the governor was constantly trying
to shut the throttle plate. LOL.