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  1. B

    CT200u Honda Clone - Running Rich? Governor surge.

    I have some questions I am hoping to get advise on. I did some searching and didn't find anything useful. I just bought a Coleman CT200u. It was used so little the front tire still has the rubber hairs on it. It is a two years old and I am the third owner. The first owner never put oil or gas...
  2. T

    Manco throttle/governor spring help?

    I have a Manco streaker with a 3.5hp tecumseh engine. I currently just picked this up and was told it needs a new governor spring. Does anyone have a pic of their carb set up with springs and a place to get springs? Thanks ahead of time
  3. deezildennis

    Jacked up Tecumseh ohh60 (Governor removal gone bad) Need help

    One of my Buddies bought a new tecumseh 6.0 powersports engine a while back and decided he didn't like the governor after he broke it in. The engine ran perfect before but not so much afterwards. I brought it home to keep it from going in the scrap pile. It literally has like 5 hours on the...
  4. Possom point

    5hp Briggs governor arm leaking oil?

    Hey everyone, I was working on my other 5hp Briggs tonight, I've had this motor for a while and last time I messed with it the governor pivot arm was leaking from the motor side. So I messed around with it again and got it fired back up. Why would it be leaking oil where the pivot arm is...
  5. Possom point

    212 Hemi Governor link....

    Hey guys I worked on another Murray Track 2 today and put a 22mm "chikuni" on it, after disconnecting all the springs and linkages, how do I or what can I reattach the governor arm linkage to so my engine won't blow up???? It may be a simple fix or a dumb question but i can't figure it out...
  6. S

    briggs 5hp governor linkage removal inside the case

    I have a old school 5 hp with the linkage arm rod going into the block do i need to remove the side case and remove the nylon gear off the cam and plug the hole or just leave it in with the outside arm off?.and run it....thanks
  7. J

    Airvane governor question

    Finally got my 2hp engine and carb from the guys on this site. I have never seen a airvane setup so I removed the cover and noticed that the vane is bent on the outward edge. Is this normal? Also the spring is broken and any idea where to find one? Thanks Ron
  8. B

    Newbie needs help with DB30 predator

    I am a totally mini bike newbie just starting my first project. I Bought a DB30 with a predator already on it last summer, and I want to take the governor out, but I hear it's best to change out the rear sprocket to avoid falling on your ass? The current sprocket pretty much covers the whole...
  9. B

    H Engine governor setup

    Looking to see if there any adjustments to the governor or to see if I have it set correctly before I paint it. Engine runs great, I had to adjust the small arm on the governor arm for the linkage to work correctly. Does the governor spring have any impact if it has been replace with the...
  10. C

    Governor removal??

    I have a coleman ct200u with the stock 6.5hp clone in it. I added a kit from hotrodminibike .com, with a K&N filter, .35 jet, and racing plug. Any good directions for governor removal? I understand its a "risk" and can be "dangerous", but wanted too see if anyone did it and how it turned out...
  11. danford1

    Hemi 212 Predator no governor longevity questions

    I know most everybody either bypasses or removes the governors on their Predators. They also rejet the carb and put on a header and air filter. My question is will a Hemi 212 Predator survive running at WOT with ONLY those mods? I'm talking about stock rod, stock springs, stock rockers, stock...
  12. J

    Constant speed governor

    Picked up a engine with linkage coming out on the output shaft side, can anybody tell me what engines used this setup? I can't find much info on this. No shroud so I have no idea on size /age etc. . Thanks Ron
  13. outcrydrummer

    Looking for info.. Stock Hemi Predator peak hp and tq without governor

    Hi guys just looking for some info on a stock hemi predator. I'm running a racing kart next year in the stock predator class and I'm just curious to if anyone knows stock peak tq and hp rpm's without governor. We are allowed to adjust the governor for up to 5500 rpm ( most of us limit it...
  14. O

    Greyhound 2.5 governor or (please help a dummy)

    Would someone please help out a newb! I'm confused as to how use the governor properly. I want to keep the governor on and use the linkage throttle stop. Do I have this set up properly? There is an awful lot of spring tension to move the governor arm back to idle when the throttle arm held...
  15. W

    Baja Racer=Throttle to Governor Spring Replacement

    Hi All - I was referred to this forum by Victoria at OldMiniBikes Warehouse customer service. My problem is I picked up a Baja Racer that is missing a spring that attaches to the throttle lever and the governor. I am having a hell of a time trying to find this spring or getting any tech support from...
  16. T

    Do you have to remove governor ? To install mods ? Predator 212 non hemi

    Hi first time dealing with engines and mods , wondering if you have to take off governor on predator 212 non hemi to install mods , just don't wanna break anything if I don't have too please would love the help and advice just got a taco 22 and I'm loving the mini bike scene
  17. Jrturbo

    Tecumseh 3.5hp governor issue?

    Im having issues with my tecumseh 3.5hp. I am trying to get top end but once it reaches a certain point it seems to surge and if i look down at governor arm, you can see it going back and forth. It has a diaphragm carburetor. I tried moving the spring from the governor arm but doesn't help. Do i...
  18. capguncowboy

    Tecumseh 30206 (H50 Throttle link) and Tecumseh 31879 (Governor Link)

    I need 2 Tecumseh 30206 linkages and 1 Tecumseh 31879 linkage. It doesn't have to be original. I'd settle for something that looks and functions correctly. I could also use a couple of the springs from the cable to the first linkage (Tecumseh 30202) It would be a plus if you could get it to me...
  19. M

    Rupp Roadster 2 Governor

    From what I've read the governor on my Roadster 2 uses the centrifugal force of the engine to limit how much the throttle on my carb opens using a particular linkage? Is this correct? So bypassing the governor should be as simple as rerouting the throttle cable linkage to open the throttle...
  20. jays0n

    Hemi Predator Governor removal parts list

    I have a Hemi Predator on my DB30 and have decided it's time to remove the governor, low oil sensor, etc. I've done tons of searching and can't seem to find a definitive parts list anywhere. I know that's likely because there are 100 ways to accomplish this. The only thing I don't really know...