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found this go kart on Craigslist over the weekend. Decided i would buy it and have a different project. Ive always liked go karts, just couldn't ever afford them. whenever the opportunity arose, they were always hammered or missing all the components to make it enjoyable. this one is a complete survivor kart minus the original mac engine, which i will be have to break the bank for. the seller bought it out of Boise Idaho 6 years ago where it had sat for 25 years in a auto body shop. he decided to buy it to tote around in the back of his pickup truck when he went to car shows. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed looking at it in the garage, but never had the ambition to fire the kart up.

what caught my attention is the front drum brakes and the Hurst rear disc brake. this think must have been one hell of a race kart with all that stopping power at all 4 wheels. the original slicks are in tact, and since i don't live in a dry climate anymore, these are still worthy of utilizing on a roll around kart, not to be used on a track.

Ive been told its a 1967 hornet SS but i haven't found an advertisement from 1967 for that model. It is definitely a hornet kart made out of Texas by Richard Peck who apparently is still active in the hobby and makes parts for people restoring his karts.

i am super stoked on this one, but not stoked to make the 8 hour one way drive. i just finished one of those long drives for the caper cycle i posted the other day. IMG_7208 (002).jpg IMG_7209 (002).jpg IMG_7210 (002).jpg IMG_7211 (002).jpg IMG_7212 (002).jpg IMG_7213 (002).jpg IMG_7214 (002).jpg IMG_7215 (002).jpg IMG_7216 (002).jpg IMG_7217 (002).jpg IMG_7218 (002).jpg IMG_7219 (002).jpg


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Nice survivor, Richard Peck is on the Vintage Karting Association Facebook page. He is still building a few karts.

i called Richard yesterday and sent some pictures to him. i was surprised to be able to contact him with such ease. i am still waiting his response, but the short conversation we had, he laughed and said "most of the enthusiast know my karts better than i".

i cant afford a mac for it, thinking ill do an 820.

still have other projects in line ahead of this kart, though i am excited to get to this one