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  1. P

    Wanted scrub brake setup for manco yard kart

    Hi everybody! I recently found and bought back my childhood go kart. The rear section behind the seat is completely butchered. I’m planning on restoring it back to original. Does anyone have a scrub brake setup they would sell? I’ll attach some pictures of what I’m looking for. Thanks!!
  2. P

    Want to buy scrub brake setup for my manco yardkart

    I recently found and bought back my childhood go kart. The rear frame section behind the seat is totally butchered. I’m looking to buy a scrub brake setup, as I want to restore it back to original. Anyone have one they would sell? I’ll attach some pictures of what I’m looking for. Thanks!
  3. Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

    Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

  4. CaptNugget

    Phoenix Craigslist Atv’s —60s Bonanza Go Kart

  5. sonerenos


    found this go kart on Craigslist over the weekend. Decided i would buy it and have a different project. Ive always liked go karts, just couldn't ever afford them. whenever the opportunity arose, they were always hammered or missing all the components to make it enjoyable. this one is a complete...
  6. nightgrider

    Bird Baja Go Kart

    My dad helped me drag out my old go kart. It is a Bird Baja, rode this all over our yard growing up. As far as I know it is mostly original except for the the steering wheel, which I modified as a teenager, so I could keep riding it even though I'd technically outgrown the kart. And possibly the...
  7. Tekthedj

    Tote goat model 600

    19?? tote goat condition: good paint color: yellow title status: missing Have for sale a vintage tote goat I believe it a model 600 Iv owned for meany years and have collected some of the parts to get it running but do not have the time or the space to continue this project, front metal bag is a...
  8. dgil89

    Im new to this site, ive owned a few in my lifebut i need help to id a few road rats

    if anyone can give me more info on these that would be great as i used to own them and would like to know more about what i had. I still own a few bikes and karts but i sold a lot more than i own now unfortunately. im currently working on a yerf dog 32001 go kart and a baja db30s. slow work in...
  9. G

    New to OldMiniBikes, first post, not bikes, but karts

    First post, from Texas. Purchased go kart for Christmas, then replaced engine on the other. Now there's two. Those karts weren't meant for me but they called me anyway. Red one now has predator 212 and topped out at 32.5 mph. Blue one still on warranty, and topped out at about 27 mph.
  10. dylanbecks

    49cc Engine Clutches/Sprockets???

    I am getting an old pedal car to throw a 49cc like this Bicycle Engine Motor Pocket Mini Bike Scooter ATV H EN02 49cc 2 Stroke | eBay and i was wondering if i could make the engine sprocket larger so i could go faster and then put a smaller one in the rear, anyone know if this is possible...
  11. S

    Newer Black Widow Go Kart in EC

    Off Road Go Kart Retails $1400-1700. Half price. Central NJ. Go kart. 136cc. Excellent condition. Side by side seating, coil over shocks, gas/brake, seat belts, roll cage, incredibly clean and very easy pull start. Check CL ad for bunch of photos.
  12. TankforGod3

    The predator engines underdog story

    Ever since I was little we have always had a 150cc gy6 yerf dog go kart, and it was always the baddest one around no matter who came to race it. When I was little I helped my dad build that engine and after we got it we put some kind of mean atv carb on it, a connecting rod, and a cdi. There is...
  13. P

    Power Racing Series / Maker Faire / Sept 20-21st

    I had stopped into OldMiniBikes and they suggested I post some info on the electric racing series I'm building a car for. It's called the "Power Racing Series" and essentially we modify kids' PowerWheels and race them. Basic rules: 1. Must start with a kids toy 2. $500 limit 3. No more than 36V to...
  14. TankforGod3

    comet 30 series eating belts for dinner

    ok I have a manco go kart with predator engine with a header, air filter, and .035" main jet and it eats belts. I don't think the engine is too powerful however I might be wrong but I want to know why it tears through belts. I just put a brand new kevlar belt on it and aligned the clutches. the...
  15. TankforGod3

    which cam is best for the predator

    I have a 212 predator for my go kart its a smaller frame but it has a roll cage on it. The frame is a manco 486 pheonix eagle 2 lxt. I'm looking to up the performance on it i have an air filter .035" main jet and an rlv header but i don't know if I should get a CL-1 cam or a BSP-3 racing cam. I...
  16. T

    18hp Briggs and 1 inch clutch

    I have an 18hp Briggs and a 1 inch clutch I would like to sale. Was going to put together a super go kart but just dont have the time. Asking 500 or best offer, will ship if you pay for shipping. Please text 7135359838
  17. The Man In Black

    New go kart! what kind do we have?

    My wife's uncle gave this go cart to my son. He knows I like to work on this kind of stuff. Being that my son is only 10 months old, I should probably get this thing moving so I can test drive it! He got it from a guy that needed to sell it because he got a DWI on it! :hammer: It is...
  18. S

    Vintage go kart event Riverside cal Jan 31 feb 1 and2

    Vintage go kart event Adams kart track Riverside Calif Jan 31 Feb 1st and 2nd This is the once a year VKA event ......Thur open practice drift night under the lights ......Fri open practice, swap meet (bring your stuff) kart show and barbq swap meet..... Sun is race demo day (see VKA for race...
  19. S

    Funderbird Go-Kart Specs (Bird Engineering)

    Funderbird Go-Kart (Model #704014) by Bird Engineering Overview: Type: Go-Kart Model: # 704014 Mfr: Bird Engineering Specifications: Performance: * (a) Maximum Speed -- 30 mph * (b) Climbing Ability -- 30º * (c) Minimum Turning Radius -- 128" Engine: * (a) Maximum Horsepower...