HPE Muskin Cat.............briggs and stratton?

Found a clutch cover that's mounted on a briggs. Never saw a cat with a briggs motor. I had a 400JS bought new I thought it was in 1969, had a tecumseh motor.
No model 400JS but there is a Model 400TS. The font of the lettering makes it easy to mistake as a J. The TS stands for Two Speed.

The handlebar decal is orange.
Thanks for the correction. You would think I would know this stuff since I owned a new one. Slept too many days since then....
Decided to try and restore this since I still have it. Looking at pics on the net, just shell of what it once was. Just started digging into this recently, lots of help on this site. Looking for the blue metallic upholstery for the seat as well.