hs40 lighted for powell mini bike

alright guys, im about to make some tall orders here... as many of the powell nuts here know i got a powell "e" model recently. im in need of a good deal on a lighted hs40 motor. it definately can be a builder motor needing work as long as it doesnt have holes or cracks (Commence the laughing). also i need some leads on a original throttle set up(quik disconnect) and if anyone knows what type of headlight and tail set up they had please let me know. the bike currenlty has a gold 5hp briggs that runs. it looks really vintage maybe partial trade? ill get the model & type numbers posted in a few.
like i said tall orders. thanks,Daniel.
Hi Daniel
Welcome to the Powell brotherhood..
The quick release throttle will be a tuff order to fill and sorry to say but will come with a hefty price tag due to the rarity of this item..
HS40 motors on the other hand come up all the time..
The headlight and taillight you will need is the same used on Bonanza's
I'll get the numbers later and post them in this thread..
Good Luck
thanks bay-area , i knew that the throttle would be tuff to find ...the hs40 i see all the time on ebay but command a premium, so thats why i dont mind finding a motor needing work ...i can handle that. please do send me the info for the lights so i know what to look for,thanks.