1. gwoods27

    Lighted 5hp Briggs and Stratton

    Were there ever any lighted 70’s era Briggs and Stratton motors?
  2. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Lighted 1968

    Very nice 1968 HS40 with the lighting coil. With original clutch. Factory 5/8th, keyed, non-tapped shaft This is an original unrestored engine with new paint and decals. Was completely stripped to bare metal and repainted about 2 years ago. Has not been run since. Excellent compression...
  3. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Lighted Engine ORIGINAL 1970

    Tecumseh HS-40 Lighted Coil (1970) - original MX1310 engine. Original paint (except air filter canister), new housing and air cleaner decals, great compression and spark, runs clean, carb bowl needle and drain gaskets need replacing and carb likely adjusted. Looks to be never taken apart...
  4. danford1

    Tecumseh cooling fan questions, Lighted HS40 in a Rupp

    I'm painting the engine on my 75 Rupp Roadster2. In is a lighted HS40. I don't have any cooling fan on the flywheel. I'm assuming there is supposed to be one. I checked parts tree for my model, HS40-55388E Ser-5121B, but of course the illustration is for a non lighted engine. What does the...
  5. I

    Lighted HS40

    Seeking an HS40 55306C for an Arctic Cat. 860 355 5848 Thanks
  6. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H70 Project Engine - Lighted & NOS Parts

    Two lots for sale here: 1. Tecumseh H70 Project Engine - Lighted Model H70 130305 Serial 10330 Tec H70 with little cylinder wear. Took off a Mini 30 years ago, to soup it up, one day, and never got to it..Disassembled and put in a bucket in the shed. 3/4 keyed and tapped crank, 2 1/4...
  7. owend

    Tecumseh HS 40 lighted non points

    Like the title says. I have had this on the shelf for several years and have not found the bike to use it on, so here it goes. I added the lighting coil and flywheel had the crank turned down from 1 inch to 3/4 x 2 3/4 to use with a TAV. I will install the correct side cover and pull start, just...
  8. markus

    Tecumseh Flywheel late model H50-60-70 lighted 611087

    Looking to see inf anyone has a late model big taper/electronic ignition "lighted" flywheel available. Part number is 611087 fits the H50 60 and 70, or the conversion parts to make the lighted assembly. I sent a PM to Tmack but have not heard back if he has any of the parts or still does the...
  9. B

    Bryce05 - lighted suspension Trail Horse - (Vintage Class)

    Here's my entry for the vintage class:) Full suspension Trail Horse with lighted H60. Frame will be powdercoated burnt orange with super chrome powdercoated forks. This is my first time entering the content and looking forward to the fun thanks Bryce.
  10. B

    Wtb lighted Tecumseh:)

    Looking for a lighted 4-5hp Tecumseh if anyone out there wants to part with one:) thanks Bryce
  11. R

    Tecumseh hs-40 lighted engine

    Found this on the Bay HS -40 Lighted Engine Vintage Rupp Mini Bike HS40 Tecumseh Engine | eBay
  12. P

    Rupp /Speedway lighted signs

    Does anyone else have any other minibike signs that they would like to share?
  13. jbrewton

    Tecumseh 7 HP lighted

    I know, try not to laugh! Looking for a running, mini bike correct, original 7HP lighted motor, looking for 70's vintage to match an old vintage big wheel bike. Not electric start models. drilled 3/4 shaft may consider 6 HP PM for email for any picts, thx for any help
  14. R


    Long shot looking for a clean running Tecumseh H-50 lighted engine (Late 1960.S) Have CASH or plenty of nice things to trade
  15. Sixpac440

    Is there LED headlight and Tail Light for a lighted Tec?

    Is there LED luring that would work well with an HS50 lights Tec motor? There are 2 lighting coils, 2 amps each.
  16. Sixpac440

    Will this horn work on a H50 Lighted motor?

    The lighting coils are AC ... there is no battery ... will this horn work? Saio 12 Volt AC Horn Black for Vespa VBB VBA VLB Chetak High Quality | eBay Thanks Kevin
  17. B

    Wtb 5h lighted Tecumseh

    Looking for a complete Tecumseh lighted engine. Thanks
  18. R

    WTB 1970 Tec HS-40 Lighted Blower Housing

    Looking for something clean No Dings Dents welds or alterations $$ 1970 Tec HS-40 Lighted Blower Housing
  19. Davis

    Tecumseh 3.5 lighted wire routing

    Does anyone know where the spark plug wire routs on a Tecumseh 3.5 lighted engine probly around a 1967-68 engine if that matters.