HS50 rebuild


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Just finished this one up this week, It's a 1982 HS50 true recreational version (actually off a Bird made bike originally) but I backdated to the 1972-1977 styling with older tank, gloss finish, and flag decaling. The serial number starts with a 2 so most people will just say its a '72 anyway :D

Internally It got reconditioned cylinder bore, fitted rings to take the gaps down from the high side of specs to the low side, 3 angle valve seat cut, lash brought down to tight specs, light porting in the intake/exhaust, all surfaces trued, .010" shaved off the head, intake and exhaust ports trimmed/fitted to match better, New rod, Bearing, seals and gaskets.

Fuel system got a carb that is an OEM I rebuilt with correct NOS parts, new air cleaner, fuel line, clips, cleaned and re-dyed fuel tank.

Ignition got a rebuilt stator unit, Re greased wiper, genuine Tecumseh tune up kit used which includes points, condenser, and even an actual Tecumseh stamped spark plug.

Recoil got completely overhauled as well, cant leave those out! disassembled, completely all dirt buildup that makes the ropes catch removed, proper size heavy duty rope etc...

Paint is Axalta brand from the Nason "ful-Thane" line. Its single stage urethane sprayed with an HVLP gun, dressed with waterslide decals, so its all fuel proof and wont fade, burn, or goo up on the engine block or tinware. header got redone in VHT header paint so it will take the heat and is a good match to the tank, and rubber parts.

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