Illegal 100' Minibike Drag Race Oct 23rd at noon in Mass

We are meeting next Sunday to have a drag race and all are welcome. There will be bikes there from stock and slow to modified and fast and everything in between. I will be there with the turd. Old man will prob be there too. We would like the usual suspects to show up and represent the local scene. Any questions feel free to ask, the rules are based on the Leadfoot rules. Quickest minibike in MA will be there, if you think you're quicker then feel free to bring yours and we'll see lol.

We originally said this Sunday but it was changed to next Sunday due to it being too short of notice (although I am ready lol)
Sweet hopefully I will have some for you, not sure anyone will even show up. No response in this thread I am trying to contact some others and see if they can make it.
I should be able to make it, I have a smaller motor in the blue bike cause the new frame and godzilla engine aren't done yet.
Didn't we get kicked out of there last time? What is different this time? Short notice.
That dude shouldn't be there this time. We were hitting that area kinda hard for a couple weeks which is why I think that whole thing happened. We haven't been back there since then so I think it should be fine. Sorry about the short notice, the guy who organizes it didn't tell me early enough.
Thanks everyone for your interest and support.

Awesome Chris, looking forward to seeing you. Do you think Joe Lanni will be coming?
Joe's bike is still a part, but I'm trying to get him to steal our other friends bike for the event. My cousin will probably be coming with his bike as well. I think Joe has Herbs number, I'll have him ask.
I know my Dad has tried to contact them on Facebook but no response from what he said. To be honest it's kind of their thing, I really miss the Leadfoot drags it was such a fun time, every time. But we have these minibikes just sitting here and they're not going to race themselves.
Our race is not as good as the Leadfoot race but it is definitely fun.
Looking forward to running the bike, I did a couple short launches and the new setup seems a lot quicker.


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Appreciate your efforts here Massacre, suppose to rain all weekend.... maybe postpone? It would be great to large turnout. If not I will try to make it.
If you do wind up postponeing it I will deffently make it ... my chassis is not complete but I have a lot of bikes and 2 motors ready I could swap in