Intresting Weekend


Banned - Must pay $500
I've been away to a friends down country.

Surprise to me, He had bumped into a guy that has had a pair of mini bikes in his basement for the last 25 years!

The one is a MTD Trail Flight, All O.G. but the 1971 TEC 3.5engine is bust. Sounds like a connecting rod.

Chain guard is a little rough but can be fixed. Brake cable broken an needs some TLC.

All of the bike looks correct and a survivor ! that needs love.


The other one
, I have no clue what it is and will post to " What is it " when I'm home again, in order to post photos.

It is Teal Blue/Green, forward foot pegged, long'ish seat ( recovered ), Has center spring in front fork, Twin tube frame,
bottom and top - 3.50/4.10X4 tires.

Here is the strange part, Has no mount holes for a TEC or Briggs. Tall front engine mounting tower, from the
base plate, then two small towers at the rear. All looks to be OG paint, so I think it has no MOD'd done.

The Engine in it now, does not belong but, Fits like a glove and dam near looks OE factory.

Here is the kicker, It has a 50cc YAMAHA dirt bike engine installed. If any mods were done to put this engine in,
it is barely noticed ! Such a kool looking Mini. Can't wait to post pics .

Looks like I may be fixing the pair of them, ? bike for my buddy, the Yamaha engine one.

An the MTD, for the OG Owner.

Post photo's later, when I'm back home.
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Banned - Must pay $500
Already took the engine out of the MTD. She's a Gonner ..

Something to do with the lack of oil I think, zero oil in the case.:no:

After taking off the flywheel, I see the engine is covered in oil and it has been doing this for sometime.

Just covered in dirt an oil. This is a sure sign the crank seal was gone and not looked after.

Many parts would be needed to rebuild this one. Crank, Rod, Piston, Valves, ? cam ? .
just for starters.

The other bike will need tires and a clean up, Runs great.