is this worth restoring?

I am new to this and I was looking for a simple mini bike to restore for my grand son when I came across this. I wasn't aware that these had hodaka engines and are rather pricy to restore to original condition. I have no idea what it is worth so don't know if i am better off to sell it and start a new search or if it would be worth what I would have to invest in it. You opinion or some direction to where I could establish it's value would be appreciated.
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Absolutely :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: ... Bonanza chopper :drool: ... Very nice start ... You'll have to determine your own value cause it's only worth as much as someone wants to pay :shrug: ...
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i dont think yours had the hodaka engine it looks more like it had the tec hs40 with a light coil . the hodaka one had a jack shaft mount welded to the frame , i cant tell but is there marks from it being cut off ?

is it worth restoring .... nope not at all , if you box it up and send it to me ill gladly drive it um errr dispose of it ya thats it dispose of it for you :laugh:
dont look like to bad of a project just to get rolling .
You will never get your money out of any of these bikes. It is worth the fun and time you spend with your kid fixing it up ? Only you can answer that . To me it is about 10 times worth the money I spend.:thumbsup:
I had one but sold it due to my/it's size but a kid would have no problem riding it. You have the seat pan and that's a big deal on Bonanza choppers, the sissy bar and spring setup would cost $750 to replace with reproduction parts but you have it. An awesome first minibike for a kid and absolutely worth restoring!:thumbsup:


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You should sell it to james c and find a standard style minibike to restore,
minichoppers do not handle well.
I bought this heap for $125 , unfortunately somebody welded two small tabs on it and added a Rupp tank. , and it had some rewelds on the forks too. I sold it for $375 :shrug: Probably should have parted it out looking back



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It is worth restoring and it looks like a good candidate for such. I currently own a chopper mini and they do handle poorly. Steering with the raked forks and balance in a reclined position is different than regular minis and it takes some getting use to.


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Depends on what kind of riding you are going to do. If it is mainly on pavement, or flat lawn that bike will do fine. Off roading on fairly twisty bumpy trails, wouldn't be its long suit for sure. But that is a cool bike. Doesn't have to have a hodaka motor IMO. Would be a lot easier to ride with a 3, 3.5, or 4 H.P. Briggs or Tecumseh flathead motor anyway. A lighted coil motor would be a big plus for the light to work without having to rig a battery.


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that thing is defintely worth restoring. they're not meant for trail riding at all, mostly flat roads etc. I'm sure it's not the most comfortable ride in the world, but it looks bad as hell! :scooter: I would lose that front fender also, that would be the first thing I did! check out this one. it's somebodies on here, I just cant remember who at the moment. damn I can see byself cruisin around the neighborhood on one of these bad boys!

looks great! That is actually the color mine appears to have been originally and I had all ready decided to redo it in orange, Won't have that serious engine you have but a 10 year old doesn't need that engine. It would suck to have my grandson pass me on my motorcycle with a mini bike.