It's almost a mini bike

Bought this 1971 Honda CL100 off one of my bosses today for $250. Came with a pink slip and is currently registered non-op. It'll run if you push start it, but it has issues with the idle (might be a valve seal issue). Less than 10 minutes after being told about it, I had the title in my hand. It should be a fun project to mess around with.


Neat! I had a '74 CL125 back in the day..I would start on your project with a carb rebuild/clean to see what the hard start issue is or an intake leak?
Got it home. We spent a few minutes trying to push start it but didn't have any luck. It would fire for a second and then die. Didn't feel like messing with it anymore since it was just starting to rain. It really needs a new throttle cable too, don't.

Probably going to be a month or two before I really start messing around with it. Got a mini bike project I want to get finished up first.