Lil Indian

Looks like a nice 2 speed you have. Almost looks to me that somebody reversed the brake bracket. I would put that back on the other side for the simple set up to ride. Have fun with your project.
Building a Lil Indian. Just wanted a small bike I could thrown in any car and take with me. Thanks to Mr. J Two Speed and my Dad for making it even possible. Two great guys! Cant wait to Riddddeeeee!!
Nice!!!! That's the same reason I built a Ruttman Toad. It'll fit in the back of a Chevy Sonic hatchback......


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Dont have a caliper for the disc brake. So I just decided to use a clutch brake. Made the wheel spacers today. Got her out today and running. Still needs some governor tuning and a few things. But she was riding and its awsome! Cant wait till it's all done and painted. Almost might get a 212cc one day I just like the Tecumseh engines more.