lil'indian outlaw 2

I just picked this up from a fella in Taylor Michigan
He said he had put it together for his son about 20 years ago
but he never got interested and it just sat. He did a great job building it
6 hp Tecumseh ohv with a comet converter that runs flawlessly. After a few minor adjustments.
it did not have a lighting stator so I found a used flywheel and stator on eBay
and let there be light...It had azula fenders on it but I'm a stickler for originality
if possible so I got the correct fenders from allied and it looks a lot better now
the serial # is clearly stamped on the engine plate but I didn't write it down for this post
I'll get it curious about the history of these, when they were made, how many etc...etc..
if anyone knows a lot about them please post a few comments so I'll know a little better
about what I have...
It's newer than the one in the catalog ad. It has the two piece frame. I don't know the years they made these for sure but I'm sure one of the Michigan guys will ring in. I'd say they were making these in the 90s so the 20 years ago makes sense.

Looks really nice by the way.