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Too funny not to post. Placed my order with McMaster Carr for supplies/parts. I ordered some 1/4" stainless flat washers. Most everything you order comes in packs of 100. Here is the washer I got for $6.36. I called them and they said this was correct. Lol. IMG_20191030_081422.jpg
Surely they aren't grasping your explanation. There's no way that one, 1/4" stainless washer could cost 6+ dollars. Maybe if you sent them that pic?

I just sent them a email. I will post the reply when they reply. If you would like to look the washer up on their web site, Item#98189A200
So when somebody asks if I can include 4 bolts and 4 washers with their seat and I charge 25.00, you know why. LOL.
i might have karen beat, i bought quantity 2 of a 1/4"-20 x 3/4" hex cap screw LH for $28.00
from McMaster Carr. it must have been due to the unique "black oxide" finish!

$10 of it was for shipping.
6.36 is without shipping as I had bought a bunch of stuff. Must have gold drops in the washer. Heck, it looks like something they found on the floor. Kinda dirty and corroded looking. Lol.