MIND THE CHAIN! Warning graphic pics

Well I hauled the 2x2 and 3x3 all the way to Dunefest in Oregon and managed to ruin the trip after 2 hrs by running my thumb through the chain/sprocket on my big bike. It was the idler sprocket by the air filter that got me. I hit a big bump, hand came off the bars and into the chain..... just that quick. Didn't even hurt very bad.

Talk about a "thumbnail"! :D

Similar thing happened to me while I was cleaning my moped chain a few weeks ago. I was pedaling it by hand running a towel over the chain to clean debris, it's snagged and pulled my thumb into the rear sprocket. Thankfully I wasn't pedaling it very fast it just took two bites of my thumb and backed off. The spinning rear moped wheel had just enough momentum to pull my thumb in. One tooth took a nice bite out of the tip of my thumb and the second tooth poked a small hole in my fingernail.
Just remembered a story from when I did bike racing. Not the real minibike type, I mean the bikes with the thin tires, no brakes, curved handlebars, and strap-in pedals. I was just using old, beat-up sneakers in a 4 lap scratch race and on the last lap, the sprint started. I stood up and my shoe laces got caught up in the chain. Dang did that thing get TIGHT:scared:! I swear my foot turned purple. It shredded up the side of my shoes and taught me to tuck my laces into my sock from then on. Chains can be dangerous as hell if you aren't careful. Heck, they cut down whole trees!:laugh:


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Did it hurt? :laugh:

Glad you're not permanently maimed beyond use. I ran my thumb through a table saw a few years back and was fortunate enough to somehow miss the bone entirely. I'm just now getting feeling back in the tip of my thumb.
I cut a v in my middle finger last year with a skill saw. little feeling in it still but worse thing is when I flip someone off now I have to use a decimal point.
Glad that it's healing well. My friend did the same thing on his dirt bike a few weeks ago. Chain + sprocket + finger = unforgiving.