Mini bike for under $600. Suggestions?

A bit over $600 but to me the best off the line new Chinese minibike performance wise, still debating whether to buy one for my daughter she changes what she wants from a Honda crf70 to this style. $1029 is what it lists for. This is the Trailmaster MB200. 1546582387722.png 1546582387722.png
I got the
And with FREE shipping to store. Which actually I would prefer because if the box is beat up like heck and parts are missing I can just return it then.
yea, was looking at this and the bt200x. vacillating between both. Coleman has the suspension and light, but I'm not drawn to the look of the bike. MM212 has a overall better look and I can upgrade the forks later down the road once they release a upgrade package, like on the smaller bikes. Son has a MM80 and its a nice bike.