Mini bike for under $600. Suggestions?

I got the
And with FREE shipping to store. Which actually I would prefer because if the box is beat up like heck and parts are missing I can just return it then.
If the box is too beat up, I wouldn't bother taking it home. One thing I like about Walmart is that even if you order something online and have it shipped to your home, you can still return it to a local store. I buy a lot of things from Amazon, but for something relatively large and/or heavy, I like to order from Walmart just in case I may have reason to return it. When you unbox it, don't tear the box apart; after cutting any banding, you should be able to lift the box off of the bike, leaving the bike sitting on a cardboard base.
Might be delayed till tomorrow. Hopefully not but the tracking can't make up their minds it just switches back and forth from the 14 and the 15
Should come today. It's already late.