Mini bike Mania September 1-3 Lucedale Mississippi


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Get ready for the biggest mini bike event in the Southeast.
We have teamed up with the Rat Rods and will be putting on a show.
Plenty of time join us for some good Southern fun!
Hoping to see some of you northerners make it!


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Can't make it, but down with buying a T-shirt (or 2) to help support.
LMK when they are ready to order.
Awesome news , the best mini bike riding and get together in Da South ! Quickly becoming WORLD FAMOUS :thumbsup:
Isn't that the truth....!!!

I think I may be committed to something the wife has set up that weekend, but I'm going to check the dates and see.

And yes, I'm always in for another sign me up for an XL please. Thanks.


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Yeah, he's the big cheese.
We treated guest special.
Didn't want to hurt his feelings Randy.
We didn't bring out the big guns.:laugh:
Things will be different this Fall.:eek:hmy:
Guys this event is coming up quick and will be great racing and the most fun you ever had . So everyone start making plans to go , just think you will get to race the famous Buckeye and Chipper and the 3 G racing team .
I've just about got some Texans to come out too!

I'm pumped and don't even have a racer designated bike!

Been so busy trying to get everyone else's running for the show.
Doesn't matter though, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the event.
It's an Unbelievable event , if like to ride and or race this is a not miss event , 3 days of riding till 1 am on a real lighted up track , $ 20 includes camping on site next to the track , air conditioned bath rooms , concession stand on site , convenience store across the street , WTF else could you want ??