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just got back from the Thompson flee market and I found a little jem. I believe its the correct engine for a rupp dart cycle. A Tecumseh/Lawson 3 horse hb30p with the downward pointing carb and funny looking pull start. its in great shape and I got it cheep. There's probably some rupp collectors that would love to get there hands on this.
this is off topic but wtf just happened to the forum? and why weren't we informed before hand.? another sudden change with no warning. these adds between every post are very annoying and they are redundant since most of them repeat. and on the original topick I'll go as long as its good weather.
looks like I can't make it this time. I'm helping get a new furnace installed in my house and seeing that I have had no heat other than some space heaters since I moved in. I'd say that takes priority. have fun and tell me how it goes.