Mini Bikes in your house?

I have a lot of them actually more than I can remember. A bunch are in out buildings on my property and several in my garage.
I am sure I am not alone, but does anyone else have a mini bike you keep in your house?
I have a Bonanza in my basement office. My friend David restored this BC model Bonanza. It is very similar to the one I had in 4th grade.
I'd love to see what you guys have and how you display them. mine is on a Harbor Freight dirtbike stand.


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Like you I have a Bonanza in my house. It's sitting on my front porch. I did have a trailhorse frame, lil indian frame and a manco I bought a few weeks ago in the house but they went to the sand blaster last Saturday. I've got 6 totes in my extra bedroom and 2 cabinets full of parts. My wife doesn't care about the bikes in the house as long as there is no gas in them. Not just an empty tank, I mean no gas. As soon as I test ride it, it goes to the barn and is stored on a milk crate until my son or I ride it again. I build them right in my living room, just roll them out of the extra bedroom when I work on them and roll them back when I finish with what I wanted to do. 20230114_155928.jpg


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My Colemans live in my basement.
Everything else lives in a 16x24 out building on my dads property.

it’s sad to keep them locked in a barn. I’ve often thought about liquidating them. I’ve ridden my super bronc and black widow once in the last 5 years. Everything else hasn’t been moved in 10.
When o first met my wife we were in our early 20s and I was somewhat the outlaw type….she came into my house for the first time and saw the spectacular wood floors and the Panheads sitting there leaking all over them….I had carbs in the toilet soaking in solvent….trannys in the bathtub….and a 6 foot oil ring in the living room…glad it was a rental! But but those were the days….only worries were gas and cigarettes….