Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

Mini Snowmobile

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With snow starting to fly I figure its time for some skis. I cut an old piece of shelf in half for a start. So they have an edge on one side iv got more shelving to cut the edge off and weld it all the way around. I might try to roll in a bump down the center for more lateral traction. I also narrowed the handlebars an inch or so because they felt a little wide and adjusted the alignment.


Im not sure the ratio ill see if i can get a count. It could use a bit more speed for sure because its got plenty of torque. Although it might need it in the snow its yet to be tested and i dont really need speed because i ride woods trails so I probably wont change it. Tracks have been fine but iv only ridden it a handfull of times over the summer.
I couldnt get in there to count the gear ratio its real tight but its probably around 3.5 or 4:1 before the tracks so maybe 7 or 8 :1 all together. So its pretty low with a 10" tall track. Got the skis done for now they didnt want to turn at all in grass so i welded two 1/4" square bars on the bottoms still no snow to test it


Wow, I’m very impressed. You have some talent. I enjoyed the video, especially the whillies.
What did the air cleaner come off of?
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Thanks! I dont remember what that filter is from but it didnt start life as a filter. Just a random piece of something i may have even drilled the holes in it. Also it was sucking up too much snow and bogging the engine and the carb was icing up so I made a tube that wraps around and takes hot air off the exhaust. Also made a cover over the carb because the snow was clogging up the lincages. But bad news I took it out last week and the tracks finally gave up. Too much cracking and some big splits so they dont stay on anymore. I tried making little plates to hold them together but its no use. So its going to sit in the shed until i either find some tracks or build something else with the parts or maybe put 4 snow tires on the back. Dont know yet but just something to think about for a future project.
I hope you find some tracks, because that is an awesome machine.
We don’t get much snow here in East Texas. This was a few years back January 2021. We did get 2/10” of freezing rain a couple weeks ago, which shut down everything. We got 8” of rain the last two days. A7BCA866-2D49-4C77-B70F-A6462E24E569.jpeg