Motovox MBX10 seat needed

You could #1 add sheet metal to bottom of the seat you get at lowes or home d po.. not covering the staples..take some of the upholstery staples loose enough to sneak bolts with large washers behind to support seat better or #2 remove the plastic completely and pop rivit the upholstery to metal plate in place of staples...#1 method i did to my mmb80 to raise on springs i did add a metal bar "backbone" to mine since i raised it for extra strenght..i weigh 185 lbs...guess you could use #2 method if you still have seats..cheers... IMG_20170707_163442.jpg
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You do not want to buy another seat from motovox they are junk.
My replacement seat did not last 3 month with less than 4-5 rides on the bike.
I call motovox and they told me to pound sand and I should not of purchased there junk.
I am left with $60 less and a brand new seat with the plastic still on it & a broken plastic pan.
You are way better off doing the above mentioned instead of buy another junkie seat from motovox.
You should make a mold from that junky plastic and make a fiberglass seat base. Fiberglass is extremely strong as they used all fiberglass seat pans on the MX bonanzas. :thumbsup: