1. Daniel Coop

    New Motovox MBX10 build...

    I hadn't​ been trolling Craigslist for bikes for a while, simply because I have had my hands full, but for one reason or another, I looked and found this Motovox MBX10 for sale for $100. Was a new post, and too cheap to pass on, so I jumped on it. I wasted no time in tearing it apart... The...
  2. R

    MBX10 clutch cover removal

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I don't want to mess up the mbx10 (got for free) my 9 year old son is so proud of. I've removed the 2 bolts by the clutch, but can't figure out how to remove the screw near the rear wheel. I can feel the screw turning but can't get my fingers far enough...
  3. Aircooled

    hydraulic brake kit for Motovox MBX10

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last posted, but I haven't lost interest. My question is... I'd like to improve the braking capability on my Motovox bike. The single mechanical brake just don't cut the muster, as most of you already know. I see that Hotrod minibike is out of stock on their...
  4. K

    Motovox mbx10 with 212cc predator engine, way too much low end torque.

    Hello everyone, I have a motovox mbx10 that I installed a 212cc predator engine and now the bike has way too much low end torque. The motor has a lot of mods. After some research I believe that I need a smaller sprocket? 60 tooth do what I need? Does anyone know the specs so I can buy...
  5. K

    Motovox mbx10 custom seat.

    Anybody fab up a custom seat or know someone who does?
  6. K

    Motovox mbx10 seat. UPDATE, Found a new one $39.99

    Looking for a OEM or aftermarket seat for a motovox mbx10. Thanks.
  7. Daniel Coop

    Gabrielle (Daniel) Coop's - "G Thang" Motovox MBX10 - (Chinese Class)

    Daughter/Father team, my daughter will be hands on in every aspect and decision of the build. We were told we could only compete in one class with the bike (although I hoped it'd qualify for 18 under and "China" class) but my daughter decided she wanted to play with the big boys so China class...
  8. W

    Newb with an MBX10 project

    So I found this site by searching google for parts looked like something I needed. I am not a motor/engine guy I'm more electronics, computer, communications and outdoor things that don't require gas. I picked up an Motovox MBX10 at the flea market for $50, I knew the condition it was in and...
  9. Fatboy04

    Motovox MBX10 seat needed

    Grandkids broke theirs in half, don't know how that could happen. Does anybody have one out there ? THANKS
  10. R

    Motovox Mbx10 ??? v. Doodle Bug Adapter

    I am wanting to put the doodle bug adapter sprocket on my Motovox so I can utilize all of these split sprockets I have acquired. My question is just to make sure ... Will the DB adapter work on the motovox wheel? I saw in a few searches where one guy said yea and the dude said he sad going to do...
  11. IJG

    Wanted::: Rear Motovox MBX10 Fender & ....

    I need a rear MBX10 fender, & front black number plate. Preferably in good condition.
  12. IJG

    Motovox MBX10

    So , I was doing laps around a large lot, and then my compression sounded different like an entire motor change, Then it just died. It had some very loose sounding internals. i may open it to find the issue another day , but i'm gonna go get a predator. asap
  13. V

    MBX10 build

    Hi all, new to the forum. I got a lot of initial info on here before getting started, hoping I can contribute. Every time walking through Harbor Freight I've stopped to look at the bargain Predator 212CC motors but never had anything to put one in, finally found a good candidate for a swap...
  14. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    requires about 10 extra inches of chain
  15. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Valve cover just clears the rear fender
  16. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Oil drain plug lines up great with stock motor plate
  17. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Just fits
  18. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Just fits
  19. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Mounted up
  20. MBX10 Build

    MBX10 Build

    Should fit now