Motovox Predator 212cc Build. Original Tank Modded To Work. Vibration Issue Fixed!!

Here is my motovox mbx10 build.
Perfect spot for the gas fill!!!
New seat. Old one was cracked.
All new controls Including Hydraulic Brakes.
Here is how I modded the original tank to work. All I did was bend the original mounting brackets 90 degrees and bolted them to a old scrap piece of aluminum from a old ladder rack.
Here is a better view of the bracket I used to mount the tank. I also used another bracket to tie the back of the bracket to the original tank mounting hole. Rock solid!!
Another problem I ran into was the bike had way too much torque with the original 75 tooth sprocket so I purchased a boodle bug rear sprocket adapter from OldMiniBikes Warehouse & installed a 58 tooth sprocket. A lot better now!!
Doesn't look too bad does it?
Thanks for a lot of the parts I used on this build including the rear hydraulic brake.
Looking good!!
Here is what I did to fix my last issue, and that was the vibration problem. It was so bad you could not ride it for longer than 20 minutes!
What you see is 3 layers of 1/8 inch hard rubber I sandwiched between my adjustable motor mount and the frame. This has completely eliminated the vibration.
I tried a vibration kit from OldMiniBikes and it made it worse than it was with the motor mounted directly on the frame.
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Looks good. I'd like to try that anti vibe setup on my CT200. Where did you get the rubber sheets?
I got it from lowes department store.
Rubber Packing Sheet

I tried several different types of rubber and this was the only stuff I could find that was hard enough.
Most of it including the kit I bought from OldMiniBikes warehouse was too soft. As you torqued down the bolts the rubber would squash and loosen the chain.
That did not happen with the stuff I got from lowes.
Cut them the same size as the bottom of the motor & glue them together with contact cement.
At first I tried 2 layers because I could not raise the motor any farther. It was pretty good with 2 layers.
When I put the smaller gas tank on I added another 1/8 inch layer & the 3rd layer almost totally eliminated the vibration.
Bike looks good! Is that the OldMiniBikes under seat header you have there?
No I got that from
It was designed for the motovox to go under the seat.
It has a rlv silencer.
I was going to pick one up from OldMiniBikes but I did not know if they had a under the seat header that fit the motovox. advertised it a motovox compatible and showed pictures of it on a motovox.
If OldMiniBikes warehouse did that so I would of knew for sure that it would work I would of purchased it from OldMiniBikes.
Thanks for letting me know these rubber sheets are available at Lowes. Found it on their website by the part number you provided. I might only add I'm going to use locknuts as I think the nuts "could" work loose with just lock washers. Thanks!