1. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat Fuel Tank and Cap

    Who lucked out and got this a few weeks ago? Check out the cap!
  2. L.skynrd

    Dummy fuel tank

    I am searching for a dummy fuel tank that would fit a Baja Warrior bike. It does not have to be the specific tank, as long as it will fit. I am located in Ontario Canada, near Toronto
  3. IMG_05232


  4. IMG_00944


  5. IMG_00933


  6. Biodude

    Early generation Rupp Tank?

    I didn't notice this until I looked at the 68 XL500 tank for sale on EBay. Is this an early generation Rupp tank? Every '68 tank I have seen has a triangular plate mounted on the bottom to which the mounting studs are attached. This on has no plate, so the studs are attached directly to the tank...
  7. FloridaMiniBikes

    Wanted, Tecumseh White 1/2 Gallon side spout tank

    I need a Tec. white side spout 1/2 gallon tank for front mount. if ya got one, (or two) with or without brackets etc, let me know the condition, price. Thanks.
  8. capguncowboy

    NOS 8.5 x 3" cylinder tank

    Looks NOS, original paint, gas cap is original paint, but blue. Some nicks in the paint, but no dents. Petcock has a shut off valve, inside is clean as a whistle. $68 shipped (OBO). Might trade for some Bonanza or Rupp parts
  9. capguncowboy

    Cylinder Gas tank, star stamped on bottom

    Anyone ever seen this before? This tank has a star stamped in the bottom. I've had a dozen of these in various sizes and formats, but I've never seen any with this stamp on them. I'm pretty sure the tank is NOS and the green paint is original (where's chipped, I can see clean bare metal...
  10. Fox gas tank

    Fox gas tank

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  11. Fox gas tank

    Fox gas tank

    Bike - Before pics
  12. jeep4me

    Chrome Arctic Cat Gas Tank

    I bought this for an Arctic Cat Ramrod I had, but never used it. I know I'll need it as soon as it sells, but here it goes anyway. Solid tank. Light rust spots inside. Few dents here and there. Cap is there, but probably not usable. Mounts are good. Great tank for a daily...
  13. electra_boogaloo

    post me to your warrior with a sportster tank thread???

    i got a tank off an 80-something sportster today. i've test fitted it and realized that it's very cramped. i'm trying to find a happy medium between the tree hitting the tank and being able to put the seat on. i was thinking about getting a spring seat kit, but now i may be forced into it. can...
  14. David wulf

    Need Tecumseh gas tank

    Like it says I need a TEC tank , plastic is fine side fill preferred but center will work . Oh and a HS 40-50 size . Don't need I bracket because it's going on a Briggs and I'll have to build one . Let me know what you have .
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  17. ZR9B

    Fuel tank fill location

    Is there a tank that has the fill location on the right hand side instead of the center? The way it is now is a pain in the a?? to fill. I dont see any on ebay... any help would be great....thanks
  18. Abit1322

    Arco bushwacker gas tank

    Looking for a arco bushwacker gas tank. Like the one in the picture. Please pm me if you have one. Thx
  19. danford1

    What Gilson model, no rear gas tank.

    I got a Gilson yesterday. It is very similar to my Wards 525 (which is why I got it). The 525 has a hole for the rear gas tank filler neck. This "new" Gilson doesn't. Is there anyway to tell what model it is by the pictures? I can take more pics if needed. There aren't any frame tags as it has...
  20. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB--Gilson/Wards remote fuel tank

    Yes, I have another one underway. If anybody's got an oval Gilson tank in decent shape, PM me. thank you!