Murray Track 2 Value?

It appears to be all original, but I think the asking price is far too high. I currently own one myself with a different motor and need some forks, but would buy the whole thing if I can get it for a decent price.


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About $100

But seriously, per forum rules, we don't give values here. It's too subjective to too many variables like location, collect-ability and condition. The old adage of "it's worth what someone will pay you for it" rings true. You can always lower the price if it doesn't sell.
I was actually looking to buy it. It's local to me and the guy is asking nearly 300 (280). I want to make an offer to it but I don't want the person to think i'm low balling them.
I offered 175. He said hes not going under 260. Oh well. To be honest all I need is a set of replacement forks. Mine has a 5hp honda on it but the bearings ar shot and the threads on the forked stripped to hell. So at this point if someone has some cheap forks I'm looking lol


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If you were down here, I have one that I'd sell you for $200 -- It's all there except the clutch guard. I put a custom aluminum guard on it.