My Restored Manco Thunderbird

looks good, except where is the og tank? would look better with the other og tank on it, imho, but your bike, your rules... good job :thumbsup:


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This is not a restoration by any means, so I protest your word usage. Restoration means to restore to its former or original condition.
Let's endeavor to say what we mean and mean what we say.

This is a custom/rebuild or re-creating a mini bike to your own specifications and desires.

All this grumpiness aside, what is that thing where the gas tank is supposed to be? :oops: Wait, that too was grumpy. Oh well.
Looks like a possible groin pad or maybe a little seat for a small kid?
I do agree that it doesn’t fit the definition of a restoration but you did a nice job with it.


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Dadgumit. Should've checked the dates.
I blame the new guy, disturbing the tomb of a long dead thread.

Next time, make a new thread to ask your basically unrelated question. :rolleyes: