My terrain cycle

Nothing like a trike ride for some great fun. For me I liked the higher horse power engines like my Kohler 440 engines and great top speeds. But all sizes offer a lot of fun and great adventures
Thank you all, sorry but not sure how to quote yet.

i had a 82 honda three wheeler back in my early days.
I dont ever remember haveing this much fun on that as i do on this.

I've read many of your stories, with all your experience youve had one hell of a ride on three wheels.
Please keep it up, as your stories are most entertaining.

Manchester, many thank you's.
Being kinda new here i recognize your name as the one that makes many butts very happy with your skills.

Massacre, thanks you. Im with limited funds im kinda a tite wad.
If i can make something work and look correct without digging in my empty pockets i will.
The headlite houseing came from my old rockford chibi, the lense was from a old a 6v flashlite, and i retro fitted a spare bulb from my deer spotting spot lite.
Im stoked its super brite and so far hasnt put any real strain on the battery.

Since it didnt come with its original speaker light, i had to come up with something that looked good and works.
I had two other options but they were square shaped lites one was a led aux lite, and a headlite from a honda,
But neither was astedicly pleasant looking.

Im a tinkerer and nothing is EVER finished in my book.
My muffer has been waiting for me too wrap a peice of shiny around it.
The pipes have been waiting for me too wrap them.
I hate the diamond plate dodads but they work for now.
The seat lacks in looks and comfort but its real leather and works great for sideing side to side while leaning into turns.
There is many items on my like to do list like the mikuni, but at the moment for the trike its ride have some fun on it.
I have both my rupp scrambler and my manco red fox cart in peices for improvements, so the trike and my bronc are my only riders at the moment.