Mystery Bike


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Nice job on what you've done so far :thumbsup: You should be able to get new bearings here at OldMiniBikes warehouse. Really excited to see how this turns out.

hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I hurt my back fairly seriously and have had trouble doing much of anything. Anyhow, here is where were at so far. Thanks for following.

Glad to see you are putting this back together. No one can say you are doing it wrong as we don't even know what it really is!
Thank you sir, Im trying to stay as "period correct" as possible. Like with the rear fender I had made, It already had bolt holes for one, so what the heck.

There a drilled mystery holes in several places, no idea what they were for though.
Wow, that looks great. :thumbsup:

Core strengthening for your back.:thumbsup:
Ya know, Ive been doing lots of core strengthening over the last couple months and it really seemed to be helping, until last week. I was pulling a doe out from a brush pile she crawled under , when...... BANG! Cant feel my legs! Ah crap Im going to die the woods! And after laying on the gound next to deer for about an hour I managed to crawl under the fence and get back to my truck.

Kinda funny story thinking back on it...
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looks like you could slap two flatheads in there:cool:
Ya know the thought crossed my mind, but once the jack shaft is in there it wouldnt work. But, I think I am going to attempt to replicate this frame a little larger and longer and try it with 5 hp engines. This frame would be so easy to stretch, but I wouldnt dare.
pulled a dummy move and deleted pics from image host. Here is the bike and new tank im building, Ive taken some time off from the build, but hope to have some updates shortly. The fuel tank will sit on the rear fender

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