Need Briggs 5 HP Crankshaft

Looking of a good used crank for a 1973 Briggs 5 HP engine. Must be the one with the ball-bearing support on the PTO end, with straight shaft at least 2 1/4" long, and has a slotted keyway. Please contact me by PM and we can discuss further.
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if you have the correct numbers(recoil cover)for the 73 ball-bearing motor? you could maybe do a search for that engine under any small engine parts look up and then take that number and look it up on ebay and some times you can get one real cheap. if your journal is worn/damage I could get you a number here in wis of a guy that can fix it. but that will cost $100+shipping.
hope this helps little....goodluck.
I have already "been there, done that" w/o any luck, but I do appreciate the reply. Repairing this crank is not an expense I want to entertain. I am hoping that someone out there has a engine that the bore is shot, but still has a good crank that they may want to part out.
For anybody interested, here are the #'s of my engine:
Model = 130232
Type = 0036-01
Code = 7309627
Depending on where you search the OEM Briggs crank # is either 260958 or 397093
Hi Michael.
I'll check in the AM on the crank. I have a 5HP Briggs I am going to strip for parts. It currently is in running condition.
I need one as well. This gives me a bit of hope as I got burned on a CL deal (I was too excited and in a hurry). I'll make a post with some more info tomorrow.