need help!

i have this rear wheel sprocket that requires a very large tooth chain , i have the chain also but i was wondering who i can tell what size front sprocket i would need? and if they even make em that big. the way it was set up before it had a 2 speed gearbox on it that the motor ran a belt to the box and then the box ran the chain to the back wheel however being a "field find" the box was seized up so now im looking to just run the motor with a 3/4 shaft centri clutch. im needing to find a clutch housing with a big enough sprocket and possibily some insight on how to find what size of chain im gonna need to get in order to run this bike. if anyone has any suggestions or knows exactly what im talking about and has the parts i need please let me know :thumbsup:


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Here's info on how to measure chains: Notes on Sprockets and Chains
If it's a 40 or 41, centrifugal clutches are available. If it's a 50 or bigger, probably won't find one. You could run a jackshaft to change chain sizes from engine to rear wheel. If the sprocket is removable, it'd probably just be easier to replace it.