New Baja re-Build

Ive shared my pictures before but probably not in the correct format. I used a Pagsta chopper tank and it worked out well. I have a picture of the two tanks side by side.

That's a nice one paint. googled.none guess hard to come by..i saw one of those bikes for sale a month ago now i remember on CL i see paint is factory.. or decal?
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Honda Part # 17611-028-000 is perfect fit (order two of them)

Got it all attached, and rather easy and inexpensive. I was going to get a 1/2" weldable rod but then I found this zink plated bolt that was $1.85 (I know about welding zink, gives off toxic fumes)

I will tac weld the threaded rod to the frame, its already in the hole snug had to hammer it in. (you will see what I mean by pics)







Dropping off to powder coat tomorrow!
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Looks nice. :thumbsup: ...size looks a good fit and holds decent amount of gas..i like the heavy gas cap on those..
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I like that tank set up. Probably a lot cheaper than the sportster tank lol

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Yeah you can get those tanks for $65-85 on ebay, and about $10 for mounting cushion/hardware. Sadly OldMiniBikes site is selling the same tanks for $95-100. search for Honda Monkey Gas Tank
Ok, I actually got my sportster tank off ebay for $90 already painted and never used so not so bad after all.

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The problem with my mc tank is the petcock comes out the middle and with the angled backbone of the baja frame there's a 1/2 gal or so of gas that can't reach the petcock and I can't level off the tank without the forks hitting the tank.

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The Pagsta is tough to find. The tank is painted but the flames are decals. Once I get the rest of the bike ready I'll ship everything off to get blasted. The frame will be powder coated but the tank will probably be painted.
Ya put the Ninja on it......

I think the tank looks bigger in the pic of the 2 bikes due to depth perception. I wonder if they would look the same size if the original Baja was in front of the MB200...

Truly there is no wrong choice. It just what the individual wants to do or have as an end result. Personally I like the fact that The Rebel tank holds 3.2 Gallons. I probably wont ever run out but I don't have to worry about running out either....


I like the tires on the left hand bike,what are they? thanks