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  1. S

    Tecumseh H40 re-build advise, thanks in advance

    First time posting on this forum. I am a volunteer for a 501c3 non-profit. A group of folks are working on a Ken Bar Whirlwind with an original H40 engine. The aluminum cylinder walls are scored beyond repair from possible cracked ring(s). The crankcase/valve guide breather is expelling...
  2. K

    New Baja re-Build

    When I rebuild a baja minibike, I like to strip it down to bare metal, and powder coat EVERYTHING I can. Replacing all bearings and seals. Its a long process, and a little expensive - but the end product turns out great. (I will update this thread as progress goes until finished) Here is my...
  3. T

    Max Torque Re-Build ???

    Rebuilding an old max torque clutch. It had lots of rust, which I wire wheeled off. The bushings seem to be good, no slop. What can I, should I, paint, grease, or any other recomendations for this clutch. Thank You!!!!
  4. anthony402

    Bird bike Re-Build

    Recent purchase time to clean Err up a bit ..color is gunna be General Lee orange..:gunsmilie:
  5. D

    Murry Re-build

    I just finish this re-build of a Murry Mini Bike. Added shocks to the front forks, custom made handle bar risers, changed the band brake to a drum brake, put about 3" more in the frame height, changed the angle of the rake to improve steering with the added height of adding the front shocks...
  6. stovetop19

    Honda NSR-50 Re-build

    Ok, so I found a Honda Nsr-50 at a local pawn. I about died when I realized what it was.... under all the crappy gold/red paint. They just had it sitting there with the other cheap knock off chinese mini bikes, i couldn't just leave it there, so i bought it and here I am. Put a little gas in...
  7. Modding_out

    Modding_out's custom Murray 3 wheeler re-build

    Several of you have asked for more detailed pics and info, so I'm starting this thread so to tear down and paint and finish a few odds and ends so i can final call this project Complete. Pics will come shortly.
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Anyone Re-build or customize a Manco Streaker??

    I just picked up a Manco Streaker (think it is anyways) roller that I was thinking about rebuilding it with either a DB 2.8 or a Tec 3hp for my grandson after he learns how to ride a bicycle LOL.... I did one mod to it last night, I bent the handle bars forward simular to Ruttman Wild Goose so...
  9. P

    First rupp re-build

    Look in my photos as i can't seem to move them from there to here. The 66 Cont. fuel tank is missing,but i'm fabbing one right now. I know it's not CORRECT, but its my first.BY all means be critical. It's the only way i'll improve.The next one is the purple rupp frame in one of the photos.I...